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Apple iMove Concept Car [Prediction]

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The Apple iMove Concept Car, designed by Italian auto designer Liviu Tudoran, is a possible design for a car made by Apple in the year 2020. Tudoran is a young transportation design student at the Istituto Europeo di Design’s Turin, Italy campus. The student’s proposed target customers of the iMove are both current Apple product enthusiasts and buyers looking for a unique car experience.

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The iMove car is completely electric and the silver exterior design borrows heavily from the current design scheme of Apple products, with sleek, rounded design lines and the heavy use of silver. The car’s body features numerous sections made of transparent materials that can act as solar paneling and give the driver the open feel of a convertible coupe. The car’s basic concept calls for a maximum of three occupants—a driver, front passenger and one rear passenger, with the back seat lined up with the gap between the two front seats in one possible arrangement— and features a compact storage space. The storage space, in the rear of the car, uses a system of elastic straps to keep the luggage and other items in place under any kind of pressure.

The top of the iMove concept car is a glass hatch that opens at the back and swings toward the front of the car, inspired by the slightly curved design and shape of current Mac computer mouse. The transparent material making up the top hatch features triangle-shaped receptors designed to gather solar power for the car’s dashboard. Both of the car’s side windows open toward the front of the car and swing in the direction of the back of the car, giving the driver full access to the car’s interior when both the hatch and windows are in the open position. The side windows have a recessed button featuring Apple’s logo for operation, and the rear side body of the car displays the “iMove” name.

apple imove

A key component of the iMove’s interior and exterior design is the idea of driver customization. The iMove car’s proposed design calls for integration of appliances at the whim of the driver. Customers can add or remove various integrated Apple products, such as the iPod, iPad and the MacBook, from the car’s interior. The dashboard is entirely touch-screen, and the slightly- hexagonal steering wheel features an Apple logo in the middle. A wide range of rims and color variations allow buyers to suit the car to their individual tastes. For example, the transparent exterior sections are made of photochromic materials, allowing the driver to change the color scheme using different color schemes programmed into the car. Yellow, red, pink and different shades of blue are featured in the concept car’s possible design drawings. Some proposed sketches show a network of small hexagons in the car’s transparent exterior sections, intended for use as receptors for solar energy.

The tires of the iMove car are recessed in the middle and feature Apple’s logo against a white and black or silver and black alternating design. Because the car is partly based on the way small city cars are designed today, the wheels are thinner and not meant for rough roads or steep hills. The car’s overall concept calls for zero emissions into the environment and the use of electricity for power only, with no gas hybrid features.

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  1. Hmm.. perhaps if Steve were still with us, we could very well have seen Apple branch out into whole new sectors like the automobile, given how more and more traditional items are now getting computerized. But without his unique leadership, I don’t see such innovations springing up anymore.


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