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Apple agrees to replace overheating first-gen nanos in Japan

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Apple finally agreed to replace complete(entire) devices after Japanese government pressurized Apple, to publicize the information about faulty first gen ipod Nanos which were sold in the year 2005-06.

Many complaints like Burning, Blasts, Over heating etc were received and finally the Japanese Government had taken this issue seriously and complained about this to Apple and they they received miserable response from Apple. Then they have decided to publicize this issue which made Apple to come down and accept for product replacement.


Though Japanese government only asked to put the details about battery replacement program on its site, Apple in its true style agreed to replace whole device. The problem escalated when Apple had to admit to country’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI) that its subsidiary failed to report about 40 minor accidents involving Nanos.
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Apple blamed battery manufacturing company that produced faulty batteries between September 2005 to September 2006 but hasn’t given any names.

Apple declined to reveal the number of first-generation iPod nanos it sold in Japan. It also would not comment on the dispute with the Japanese government. These made clear intentions that Apple have been under trap of Japanese Government which was successful in getting brand new devices in the place of Old, Dumb Nano iPods.

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    • @Robin its the prob with nano, but Apple iPod touch is really a great product. But incase if it burns, it may take a decade to replace it 🙁

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