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Antennagate Issue with Apple iPhone4

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Steve Jobs with Apple iPhone4
In the light of iPhone 4′s signal issues, let’s get to the core of the problem. To say the least,  this whole issue, termed in media as Antennagate, is blown-out-of proportion. Within days after iPhone4’s launch, bloggers jumped, users complained about its receiving problems.

Youtube videos demonstrated that the signal can be lost from 5 bars to 2 or 3 bars by mere touch on the lower left corner of the phone. As with all things Apple, bloggers joined the bandwagon and wrote about it.

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Apple iPhone4 Antennagate

Apple conducted a press conferenc on 16th July and solved the problem by offering free Bumpers to every iPhone4 it ever sold. Lets get to the crux of it. Every smartphone has a cellular antenna, which when hold in certain way, loses the signal. This happens as the blockade intercepts with its capacity to receive the signal.  It happens with ANY phone. But, as Apple acknowledged, in iPhone 4, the signal dampens by mere touch as the user precisely know where to touch– refer the photo. And, using the bumper, or any case, solves the issue, as it prevents the skin contact at the band.
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Though the solution provided is not permanent, it’s analogous to the Band-aid to lessen the effect of a wound in the mean time. In fact Apple said so when they said they will analyze the issue after September the 30th.
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11 Comments to Antennagate Issue with Apple iPhone4

  1. Krishna Kanth

    As steve showed during press conference, almost all phones have this problem. It’s more pronounced in iphone4 because it has a band which is the most sensitive part.

  2. Krishna Kanth

    @ Iphone 4 Jailbreak

    Apple is selling every iPhone they can make and apparently this issue is not making impact on sales

  3. They are offering Compensations and fixing the stuff, is this a joke? Every Apple invention hits the ground the first time. I mean next time onwards they should really check how it works in reality before they launch it in the market.

  4. Still they Didn’t come up with an Idea that Touchin the antenna may Dampen the signals? Anyways they usually place the antenna around the Camera, What’s up with this one??

  5. I agree that iphone wont sell if it has a problem. Apple is a top brand and so many Apple fans even spent the night outside the app store on release days to buy their phones. Fans are so much obsessed with their products so its sad when Apple launches with some defects.

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