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Angry Birds Rio – Never let it down for Gamers

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Angry Birds Rio is the result of the partnership between Angry Birds maker Rovio with Hollywood. You already know about Angry Birds, it is an iPhone game which dominates the sales chart of Apple’s mobile app outlet and millions of people played it. Rio is the third installment in the Angry Bird series. In this version, the original phenomenal Angry Birds game enters the setting based on an animated Fox film ‘Rio’. The movie tie-in offers the same bird-flinging destruction with new elements added for good measures. This is the first upgrade since the launch of game in 2009.

If you do not know Angry Birds, then in this game you slingshot an otherwise flightless birds into structures, breaking them apart, sometimes with special powers like the black bomb bird or the blue bird that separates into three little chicks. Levels are completed when you fling one of these birds to kill all the pigs. Each level is graded on a three star scale and there are golden eggs that can also be collected.

#1. Similarity

Game play in the Rio will be similar to that of the previous versions, the birds have different powers, some explode, some bursts into three, some feature speed bursts and so on, which becomes active once you solve the different puzzles of the game.

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Angry Birds Game

#2. Storyline, new attractions

You know the first modification; the bad people are not the pigs. The story starts when the smugglers take the angry birds with them and hide in Rio de Janerio. Our feathered friends are brave enough to escape from their cages before the game begins. However, when they see that other birds and their friends are still inside cages, trapped inside the warehouse, they decide to burst them out. The cages capturing the birds are made of different things like, metal, wood and glass. Some of them are easy to break and some are tough.

Now, the quest in the game is to release the enslaved brother birds and even monkeys, stop Marmosets, the South American monkeys and to save the star of the film-Blue and Jewel. The end comes when the feathered hero faces the villain. Therefore, there are enough changes to save the game to repeat itself for the third time.

#3. Music and game time

There are 60 new levels in the game, so you can expect a lot in terms of playing hours. In addition, the Samba Beat is remade to fit the Rio theme.

Is it worth the price of admission?

Sure, this is not a sequel of Angry Birds. In 0.99%, you are getting a complete new game. Go ahead and purchase it, you will definitely enjoy. Angry Birds HD for iPad is available at $2.99.


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#4.Differences between the iPhone and iPad version

No major differences, but you will enjoy the game on the iPad with a large screen.

#5. Conclusion

In the previous versions of the Angry Birds, the task was to kill the pigs by throwing birds at them. However, the same task gets repetitive and boring after the 100th level. This is not the case with Rio, new ideas and latest features make it a revolutionary new game. Further updates will be available later by November. Finally, you can say that this game is suitable for everyone.

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