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Play Angry Birds Game Online: Most Popular Online Game with Over 1 Million Players

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Playing Angry Birds Game Online or on your Smartphone is all about the attempt to throw birds that are red or black in color at some wicked pigs that are green in color. The main reason for us to do so, is that it gets the golden eggs that have been lost by the birds. The amazing part of Playing Angry Birds Game Online is that there are various forms of birds which may be used for throwing at the structures which could be pigs or some other creatures.

However, at the beginning of the game the we are assigned with a pre-programmed number which we need to use in order to hurt the tower system. If the user is competent or skilled enough, he would most probably finish on the level that he is in.

There are many challenges as well as constructions and the difficulty level keeps on increasing making it extremely tight for the game player to topple some of the structures. Just to give an example, a wood structure can easily be toppled by any kind of bird. But when it comes to a rock structure, it would be extremely difficult for any formation of bird to pull down the structure. This would call for a lot of skill and capability. This is what makes Angry Birds Game Online, so popular and exciting amongst many online games enthusiasts.

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Play Angry Birds Game Online

Angry Birds Game Online

Angry Birds Game for Chrome

But recently, they have launched Angry Birds Game for Google Chrome Browser. The designers and developers of Angry Birds Game online as well as for Chrome when they started working on this project had literally no clue as to the type of video game that they were planning to develop. All that they had in mind was some tiny birds with no arms or limbs. However, the credit should go to the developers for having come with a brilliant idea based on some vague figures of armless and limbless birds. The whole project of Angry Birds Game Online was introduced sometime in the year 2009.

As it happens with most of the new games, there were very few takers for this game. This did not deter the developers and they kept on trying various avenues to make the game popular. Their efforts eventually bore fruit and during the middle of 2009, the game began to get famous. A large numberof cell phone owners started installing it. Eventually it became the top ranking game as far as cell phone applications were concerned. Based on the success of the first module, many new and advanced versions were brought out in the market place. Today Angry Birds is available in Android, iPhone and Blackberry all smartphones and Rio team didn’t find any reason to launch it on PC or Angry Birds Game online version.

Angry Birds Game Online is certainly the best way to reach more players.

Angry Birds Game Online

Angry Birds Game Online

Apart from this, what has really enabled this game to move to the next level is the launch of the Angry Birds Game Online version which enabled the game to reach the next level. A new version of the Angry Birds for Chrome was launched which enabled Chrome users to play the game online.

In fact within a very few months of its launch, Angry Birds Game Online page has had more than 160,000 visits which indeed is great. It is a testimony to the popularity of this online game and the expertise of Google which has enabled customers to play this game online.

However, to have a free trial version of this online game installed in your PC, all you need to have is a Google Chrome Browser. It cannot be downloaded with the help of other browsers or else you can play normal Free Angry Birds Game Online.

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  1. Angry Birds is super fun. I still don’t understand how some of the top players have the scores they do. Are they playing like 24 hours a day and getting every possible point out of the game?

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