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5 Free Top and Best Android Weather Apps

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best free android apps
In this article we are going to deal with 5 free top and best Android Weather Apps. There are thousands of apps in the Android Market which can be installed free of cost. But of them Weather apps are the most downloaded Android apps. In this article we are going to write about 5 Free Top and Best Android Weather apps available in the Android Market.

These Weather apps add a different look to your home screen. They will be integrated in the clock in the home screen. The animations like Cloudy, Rainy or Sunny will give you a clear idea about the Weather which reflects the fact the android weather apps are integrated in your home screen. The animations look like the Windows 7 Desktop Weather Widget. But these Android apps also play a sound about the weather.

Here are the Best Android Weather Apps

  1. Go Weather
  2. MIUI Digital Weather Clock
  3. World Weather Clock Widget
  4. Weather Bug
  5. Animated Weather Widget, Clock

5 Free Best Android Weather Apps

#1. Go Weather

  • Go Weather is a best Weather Apps for Android developed by GO-Dev Team and it’s installed on more than 3,000,000 Android devices till date. This app is very cool because of its user interface, 3D Video and especially No Ads!
  • This app gives you an unmatched user experience due to its clean, perfect, uncluttered user interface, and satin-smooth animation. It delivers the most accurate weather report from any part of the world. It has got a user rating of 4.2 out of 5. <Official Site>

Other Features of Go-Weather Android Weather Apps

  • Live and Local weather conditions as well as the weather forecasts.
  • Exciting 3D HD weather videos.
  • Offline weather viewing  with Cached Date.
  • Allows you to Access thousands of locations in world
  • Rapid access to saved locations (max 10 locations)
GO-Weather- Best Android Weather Apps

GO-Weather : Best Android Weather Apps

#2.MIUI Digital Weather Clock

  • MIUI Digital Weather Clock is a Best Weather apps for Android developed by Factory Widgets and installed on more than 750,000 Android devices till date.
  • This app decorates the home screen of your Android Device with Calendar, Time, System info, Weather forecast information.
  • The size of the Weather clock is 4 x 2. <Official Site>

Other Features of Miui Clock Widget Android Weather Apps

  • 12/24 hr + Color on all info displayed
  • System Stats Info + pop-up
  • Weather as well as Forecast
  • 2 Forecast layouts(user choice)
miui-clock-widget- best android weather apps

Miui Clock Widget - Best Android Weather Apps

#3. World Weather Clock Widget

  • World Weather Clock Widget is a best Weather apps for Android developed by Satok and is installed on more than 500,000 Android devices.
  • You can check Weather forecast and current conditions of any locations.
  • You can check the Weather forecast upto 5 days.
  • You can also check the current weather and the rain fall probability in the status bar.<Official Site>

Other Features of World Weather Clock Widget ( Android Weather Apps ):

  • GPS based Weather Forecast (humidity, prediction of rain probability)
  • Check Rain probability as well as the weather forecasts of over 197+ countries.
  • Displays the Weather Forecast in the status bar.
  • Compact display mode for incompatible handsets
  • Show a day, day of the week and year in the widget
  • Settings for refresh rate and time adjustment
  • Translations for over 20+ languages*

#4. Weather Bug

  • Weather Bug is a Best Free Android Weather Apps developed by Earth Networks and is installed in over 5,000,000 Android devices till date.
  • You can easily get entire details with Doppler radar like the severe weather forecast alerts, maps and many more.
  • WeatherBug is one of the most comprehensive android weather apps that is currently available.<Official Site>

Other Features of WeatherBug Android Weather Apps:

  • It comes with Live Local Weather which is loaded with over over 10,000 weather stations in North America in real time, and huge number of other locations around the world
  • It is also able to provide the weather Forecasts (7 day max extended as well as hourly forecasts)
  • Interactive Maps w/ Doppler Radar –Touch anywhere map technology allows user to “drop a pin” and view current weather conditions for that location which include temperature, wind speeds and more!
  • It also comes with the Weather Cams which allows you to view the live images from over 2,000 weather cameras across the U.S.
Weatherbug-Best Android weather apps

Weatherbug-Best Android Weather Apps

#5. Animated Weather Widget, Clock

  • Animated Weather Widget, Clock is one of the Best Weather Apps for Android developed by Mobilityflow Arts and it is installed in over 30,000,000 Android devices till date.
  • It has few genuine excellent graphic like realistic video effects as well as the detailed world data.
  • Digital Clock widget is of size 4×2 with which the forecast application and live wallpapers appear truly amazing.<Official Site>

Other Features of Animated Weather Widget, Clock Android Weather Apps :

  • It is loaded with Desktop widgets with digital clock as well.
  • The Animated daily Weather Forecast looks awesome
  • It displays the Realistic Video effects of cloudiness, rain and snow and is capable of showing Multiple scene landscapes
  •  User-defined backgrounds (Custom)
  • Global world weather and over 50000+ locations worldwide

Hope you enjoyed reading article on Best Android Weather Apps.

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  1. You should check out the Yahoo! Weather app, it’s pretty awesome with photos that change with the city and weather. A must have for your review!

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