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Airtel – A Case Study

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Yesterday while I was setting up security features for my mobile phone, I entered the wrong PIN code, My SIM got blocked and it is asking to enter the PUK code. Usually this happens when you enter the wrong PIN for three times, same thing happend for my phone. I was praying Google & searching about PUK code. Then I came to know that I should call our Service provider. I’ve took up my another Airtel phone and dialled 121 and I talked to the support guys.


1st Try:
They asked me question like “What is your Name & Mobile Number.” I’ve answered it.
But after answering all these questions they said, “Currently our system is under Upgrade, Please call us after sometime.”Next time when you call Please be ready with your SIM card number, they added.
2nd Try:
Again they asked me What is your Name & Mobile Number.This time they asked me whether my Number is a Postpaid or Prepaid Number.I said, “Its a Prepaid Number.” Then they said we would like to connect you to your Local Airtel Office and asked me the State. I said, “Andhra Pradesh.” Then they gave two numbers for me one for Postpaid Enquires and another for Prepaid Enquires. Numbers are 9849012345, 9849098490.
3rd Try:
As I was a Prepaid customer I called to the second number. Then the automated system said, “For PUK enquries should send a message from any Airtel Mobile Phone.”The message should be like this:
PUK [space] Ten Digit Mobile Number and send it to 121. You’ll recieve a message about PUK information.
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Note: If you want to change the Pin code of your Mobile phone, First try once, If it is wrong Go contact your Service Provider.Most probably the PIN code would be 1234. If you try more than ten times your PIN would be blocked and you’ll need to enter the PUK code. Don’t try to play game with PUK code as it is not guessable, It is set by your service provider, If you try more than three times your SIM will get blocked permanently. You need to unlock it by paying them some additional charge.

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