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Add Digg This Button in Blogger Posts

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Digg is one of the best Social Networking Community to increase your blog’s traffic. So, Why should you wait to increase your blog’s traffic? Go through this post and know How-to add a cool Digg This widget to your blog posts.

Lets Start…

  1. Login to your Blogger account and come to the Layout section of your Blog.
  2. From Layout Section go to EDIT HTML page.
  3. In this page Check Expand Widget Template Button.
  4. Before performing this operation, it is better to backup your whole template, Download a copy of your Template. So, that you can revert any mistakes that have been caused during the process.
  5. After Expanding your full Template, Search for and append the following code:

  6. Preview your Template, Digg This button should appear at the Top right corner of everypost, If everything looks correct, Then publish!!

  7. DONE!! You've added a cool Digg This button to your blog.

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