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Accessing The Internet Out and About

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Accessing the internet out and about

If you want to go on-line, on the move then you need to access mobile broadband. There are loads of ways to do this, with equipment to suit technophobes, techno-geeks, music and film buffs and business people, plus deals for every type of budget and user. But which are the cheapest broadband deals?

#1. Technophobes

You hate technology, you know you’ve got to embrace it, but the bells and whistles that come with many mobile broadband devices really don’t float your boat. Get yourself a simple smartphone, don’t worry about the apps and if you’re only looking at the net to check your emails, then a Pay as You Go deal’s probably the best. The cost of simple phones has come down dramatically in recent years, so you may choose to buy one outright. Alternatively a low-usage contract should suffice.

#2. Techno-geeks

You keep up to date with the latest technology and will probably be accessing mobile broadband on every device going. The piece of kit no self-respecting techno-geek should be without is an iPad, the super cool tablet from Apple. There aren’t really any contracts at the moment, so you’ll have to save the pennies and buy one outright. Mobile broadband comes courtesy of the iPad SIM, like a smaller version of a phone SIM and you’ll need to splash out for the more expensive 3G model in order to get the net out and about.


If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a tablet, there’s a wide range of super-cool smartphones, with apps and functionality a plenty. Most of these are available on contract, so you can pay in a more manageable way. Make sure you choose a deal that covers calls and High Speed Internet usage.

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#3. Music and film buffs

You’re always on i-tunes downloading the latest music and like nothing better than to watch a film while on the move. To ensure a good size screen, if the budget allows, go for the crystal clear iPad, or for size without the price, a laptop should suffice.

Mobile broadband on a laptop is supplied by a dongle, plugged into the USB port. As with phones there’s Pay as You Go or contracts. Many contracts offer the laptop for free – if you’re downloading lots of data, this may be a better option – make sure you choose a deal with no limits.

#4. Business people

You need your emails on tap and to do work on the move, with probably not a lot of time for fancy accessories. A laptop is best suited for practical surfing with the option to type up reports or whatever else you need to write for your role.

Business people

If you’re not spending oodles of time online, just to check your in-box, then Pay as You Go, maybe using an existing piece of kit, might be best.

For calling and emailing then Blackberry’s have long been the corporate favourite, with emails popping up like text messages and functionality overruling ‘fun’. Choose a contract, with high-volume call allowances and unlimited internet usage.

Jessica Lowe writes on behalf of Broadband Genie and Mobile Phone Genie, the independent comparison websites for broadband, mobile broadband and mobile phones.

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