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GadgetCage is a Tech Blog that is rolled-out in 2007 by Siddartha and Sandeep. We have started our journey by just writing on Gadget News and Reviews. Later, we covered huge deal of categories like  Internet, India, Fashion, SEO, Social Networking, PC Troubleshooting, How-To articles, Tutorials, Make Money Online, News, Blogging, WordPress, Programming and also to Non-Technical elements like Social Causes, Entertainment, Videos and what not you will find everything.
But currently, after considering the user requirements and few suggestions, we have dedicated this blog for focusing on Gadgets and Technology categories.

GadgetCage is one of the Leading blogs in the Web World with over 7K Views/day with strong reader base.

GadgetCage Team

  1. Siddartha Thota
  2. Sai Sandeep Thota
  3. Girish Nallamothu

How did we start?

GadgetCage was initially hosted on BlogSpot servers. After 2 years of our journey on BlogSpot, we finally moved from blogger to WordPress self-hosted blog and We’re quite happy with WordPress.

Gadget Cage is currently hosted on GoDaddy HostGator.
Why GadgetCage?
We are providing quality and trusted information on both Technical as well as Non-Technical topics, and we also write interesting things with steer confirmation.

Sample Articles

  1. Ten Reasons why SmartPhones are killing the Gaming consoles
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs iPad 2 : Galaxy Tab all the way
  3. Top and Best Free Android Apps You Must Have [App Directory]
  4. Funny Quotes about Twitter by Famous People

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