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A Great List of the Top Free CMS Options

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A content management system is critical to the success of your business. A CMS will help you to help share data between multiple computers in the workplace while making it easier for reports and other projects to be completed among a series of multiple people. There are many free CMS options that you can consider when looking for a CMS tool for your business.


Drupal is a great option to use. This free CMS option can help you to publish and organize different things on your website. Drupal is constantly being updated by members in its community and features several modules for different types of websites to use.
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SilverStripe is another free open source CMS program to use. This program can work with all types of operating systems. It uses a template language that can easily integrate itself into any kind of database. The templates that are used are also separate from the codes used on a site, thus making it easier to program.
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Cushy CMS

Cushy CMS is a free CMS option that uses an incredibly easy format that anyone can handle. The big part about Cushy CMS is that it is a hosted application. This means that it will not require you to install any custom programs or modifications just to get it to work. The materials that are created by Cushy CMS also work with search engine optimization standards in mind for the best possible results for your website.

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dotCMS is a free CMS program that works with all sorts of editing tools in mind. It has support for image edits, file tree controls and even communication management. These functions can work to make it easier for any computer to get its processes created as well as possible. You can also get access to your site’s source code by using this option.

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Concrete5 is a CMS that is open source and is built with online marketing functions in mind. It works with content editing, template designing and site developing modules. The CMS is written in the PHP language for the easiest results. You can also use a variety of free add-ons when using this program.
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Radiant CMS

The last of the free CMS options to use is Radiant CMS. This is a CMS option that is best for smaller organizations. It works with easy to control interfaces and easy to adjust pages. You can even get some custom text fillers to work for you. This CMS option is built with Ruby on Rails in mind. This is one of the easiest to handle development platforms around.

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You should use these ideas in mind when it comes to getting the best CMS options to work for your site. These CMS options have their own special features and functions for all types of sites to use. They are all incredibly easy to handle and can work with their own special modules.

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4 Comments to A Great List of the Top Free CMS Options

  1. This was an interesting list because I had never heard of most of them. Drupal and SilverStripe are PHP-based while DotCMS uses Java.

    CushyCMS intrigued me the most initially because it’s an open application, so I’m wondering how simple it is for clients less tech-savvy to administrate. The free version has a lot of options and the paid version will cost $336/year.

    I would have liked to see a little more information about each, or links to their features pages. I was also surprised to see WordPress not listed. Those just getting started in setting up a website may not realize that WordPress is not just a blogging system, but a full CMS. WordPress.org > WordPress.com of course.

  2. I have used Drupal and Joomla till now, Drupal has alot of features but I like to use joomla its really easy to use. You should also add joomla to the list.

    I must say nice list because I only new of drupal from the list, thinking of trying out rest too 🙂

  3. I am using wordpress now. It’s easy to use, not difficult to modify themes. And don’t forget, wordpress has a lot off plugin.

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