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A Day Without My Laptop : A Cute Story

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i Love my Laptop
That day begin bad and ended in disaster. First, I wake up an hour late, than my car didn’tstart. So I had to ask my husband to take me to office.

Well, this part wasn’t so horrible after all. But, unfortunately, I forgot my laptop in myhusband’s car – and the crazy part starts here. I am a newspaper reporter, so my laptop is my right hand, my left hand and sometimes even replaces my brains – so, you canimagine how it is for me to work without my laptop.

That morning, I get to the office and, after two cups of coffee and a short chit-chat with my colleagues, suddenly it hit me: I DON’T HAVE MY LAPTOP!!! HELP, SOMEBODY SAVE ME! The reaction might seem extreme to some of you, but you need to understand that I simply can’t live, not to mention work, without my laptop.

I keep contact with all my collaborators, my friends, my family, thanks to the laptop, via email and social network sites. I’m a really bad case of Facebook and Twitter addict – first thing I do every morning, after I open my laptop, is to read my email and see what my friends are up to that day. Not to mention I receive a lot of important emails, like invitations to different event, press releases or tips from my contacts. So, if I can’t check my email and my social network accounts, it feels like I don’t even exist and I start freaking out.

On that particular day, my laptop was more important than ever. I had to deliver a very important article, one that my editor was expecting for the last two days. The article, the pictures and all the documentation was saved on the laptop. It didn’t seem wise to just go and tell my editor I don’t exactly have the article, so I started to call my husband. He didn’t answer at first, than he close his cell phone – he had a lot of important meetings that morning.

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Well, when I realized I won’t be getting my laptop back for at least another few hours, I experienced true withdrawal symptoms: not even when I quit smoking was I so agitated and stress out like that day, when I forget my laptop and I couldn’t surf on the Internet. What was everyone doing? What if a friend of mine needs me and I can’t answer to him, because I can’t access my Facebook account? Or maybe I receive an offer for the job of my life, but since I can’t read my email I’ll miss the opportunity! Or maybe the aliens landed in Hawaii and I don’t know anything about because I can’t read the news…

I Love My Computer Because My Friends Live In It

As I was desperately trying to call my husband to ask him really nice to bring back my laptop, my boss, the editor, showed up asking to see the article. I begin the phrase with “You know, the funny thing is today I forget my laptop…” He didn’t thought it was funny. Quite de opposite – he started yelling at me uncontrollably and gave me two hours to put the article on his desk. So, my day without the laptop was getting better and better. Finally, after quite some time, a hysterical husband called me back yelling at me: “You called like every two minutes while I was in a very important meeting, it was so embarrassing, I had to close my cell phone because of you”, and he went on and on.

Eventually he showed up with my laptop, late in the afternoon – I put the article on my editor’s desk hours after the deadline expired. Then, I opened my email and social network accounts – tens of new messages were jumping at me. Everyone was fine; they were just wondering what happen with me and why I wasn’t online the entire day.

The world as we know it does not end if we forget our laptops, but my lifestyle certainly did. The sensation that I can’t be in touch instantly with my friends or that I can’t find out what I need to know instantly from the internet was traumatic to me. So, as you well can see, the day without my laptop really sucked, and I won’t be repeating that experience anytime soon. In fact, I developed a fixation about the laptop – every two minutes, I check to see if I have it with me.

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  1. True, we’re so used to using laptops it can even make us feel insecure to live without it. Its like we rely too much on our laptops but I cannot think of a better way to procure massive information within a short time. It is also so convenient to carry around I’d certainly be helpless to go out to work without it.

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