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$97 Dreamhost Maximum Discount Coupon for April 2011

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DreamHost is one of the most popular web hosts. If you are planning to buy a Domain with Hosting, this would be the best deal. Here is the coupon for the month of April 2011. You can use the coupon GCHOSTING97 to get maximum discount of $97 on Yearly hosting account. One year hosting account would be more economical as it comes just for $22.40.

$50 Off on DreamHost Web Hosting

Use Coupon Code GCHOSTING97 to get $97 Discount

Term Cost Discount using our Coupon Final Price
Monthly $60.90 $10.00 $50.90
Yearly $119.40 $97.00 $22.40
Two Years $214.80 $97.00 $117.80

Signup Link | Coupon Code: GCHOSTING97


You can automatically get discount by clicking on the Sign up link above. To get discount manually, just enter the coupon code: GCHOSTING97 during checkout. Unfortunately, Dreamhost doesn’t allow this $97 Discount Coupon in some of the countries including India*, If you cannot get $97 discount with this coupon code, Try our $50 Discount Coupon code that is: GC50.

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4 Comments to $97 Dreamhost Maximum Discount Coupon for April 2011

  1. I don’t know if this optin is available with DreamHost in the US my provider in England offered a great deal on a six year contract. I had to ask about it to find out, they didn’t seem to be advertising it but when I asked one of their sales team about their absolute cheapest plan this was the one they came up with.

    Granted, I am tied in for a long time but I reckon it will be worth it in the end.

  2. Thanks for the information, but it seems its for only US people.
    Indian’s only get a $50 OFF for the 1 year hosting plan

    Anyway, its good as we get some discount 🙂

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