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9 Best Computer Security Tips for Your Online Security

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Computer is a way of life of today’s modern world. It is used by all people of all ages. Internet is the main source of information for any computer user. But computer security and privacy is always a major issue when browsing internet and using social networking websites like face book, my-space, or sending messages through blogs or email.

Following some guidelines will help keep your computer safe from cyber threats. Regardless of age the users should be aware of basic security rules. Here are some instructions on how to follow these steps to have your computer secured.

#1. Use secure connections. When connected to internet there is a chance of data or information being exposed while in transit. Remote connectivity should be used and file transfer options should be secured when not working on system.

#2. Choose strong passwords with combination of numbers, letters, and special characters. It should be easy to remember and should not be guessed by other individuals. Change passwords regularly.

#3. Install protective and reliable software. Software should be updated regularly to fight the internet threats caused by hackers. Scanning should be done on a regular basis to set the computer free from corruption.

#4. Set your computer for automatic software and operating system updates. Un-patched system has the probability of exploitation of information. Backup of information should be done on a daily basis. If the computer falls prey to any threats then the data can be restored from the backup files.


#5. If you are operating a computer in public places do not leave it unsecured or unattended and logged on. Physical and technical aspects are important for computer security.

#6. Use email and internet safely. Do not access unauthorised emails and attachments. Cybercrime makes life miserable if you are not cautious while accessing social networking sites.

#7. Avoid unreliable downloads. Use desktop firewalls to protect the computer data from being scanned. Macintosh and windows have firewalls inbuilt in their operating system. Always keep abreast of internet scams. Cybercriminals think of new ways to trap you. Don’t get fooled by emails telling of sad stories and unsolicited job offers or promising lotto winnings.

#8. Treat instant messaging suspiciously as it is a frequent target of Trojans and worms. While away from system disconnect the internet and shutdown the computer.

Apart from all these operational tips physical maintenance of the system also should be taken care of. Conditioned system works properly and smoothly without any disturbances.

#9. Security is simply not ensured by restricting some particular sites. Known websites may also be compromised and implanted with malevolent java script which in turn imposes malware onto the user’s system. So it is essential to ensure the browsing safety by disabling the JavaScript for most of the sites especially for the essential sites like banking or regular ecommerce sites. This also ensures elimination of pop-ups besides safe browsing.

There is always far more good than bad effects to the people, hence computer security tips should be followed to have a secured computer usage.

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