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8 TestTube Experiments you should try on Youtube!

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TestTube is an Initiative by Youtube to encourage New Youtube Innovations by Youtube Developers and Engineers. TestTube is Similar to Google’s Google Labs where things are continuously experimented before it goes live. TestTube gives an Insight what could be the upcoming features in youtube.

Here are 8 Features which you could currently experiment on Youtube’s TestTube.

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1. Video Editor :

  • Edit and publish videos on YouTube. With The Help of Video Editor, You can Start Making Your Own Movies Online. It works very Similar to Windows Movie Maker. You can use your Uploaded Videos as Resources.

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2. Comment Search

  • Discover videos by searching video comments. Sometimes, It is best to Search Comments as it will be more lively and one can easily track the video by using the Keywords used by Common Man. This Feature is Worth a Try.

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3. Insights for Audience

  • Discover what different audiences like doing on YouTube. Define your own Specifications like Location and Age to get Detailed Insights on Videos and its User Base.

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4. CaptionTube

  • Add captions and subtitles to your YouTube videos with interactive caption editor

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5.Video Annotations

  • Add interactive commentary to your videos! Link to other videos, add notes, and more

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6. HTML5 Video

  • Till Now we are using Either Flash or h.264 format to play Youtube Videos. As The Web has Evolved it is time to Try an experimental version of the YouTube HTML5 video player.

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7. YouTube Music Discovery

  • Make playlists and discover new artists and music videos. This Works like a Charm with a Cool Interface.

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8. Feather

  • View YouTube videos on a super-low latency page.

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Have You Tried Any of the above Test Tube Experiments Before? Share your Experiences.
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