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Best Tablet PCs for Excellent Tablet Experience [Tablet Directory]

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Best Tablet PCs in 2011
The Tablet PC’s are the revolutionary gadgets which were having amazing fan following and in this article we are going to deal with Top and Best Tablet PCs in the current market based on their user-base, performance and value for your money.

These Tablet PCs were same as that of our normal PC. The Term Tablet was made popular by Microsoft, but that concept is complete contrast to the existing Tablet-Sized PC. These Tablets use virtual keyboards, handwriting recognition, wireless adapter for Wi-Fi Internet Connection and Local network connection. The features like Portability, Extra-ordinary PC experience, Gaming, Connectivity, Entertainment, Business, Apps were making it the Powerful Device in the world.

Because of the craze that these gadgets posses, you might be wondering which is the Best Tablet PC and which one to buy as we are having many options around us. The General questions like will its worth my pocket or am I going to face the bankrupt? will be going on in our mind while buying these so called Best Tablet Pcs!

But since, there are many options around us. But even after buying a Best Tablet, all other tablets around us looks cool than our’s and we will end up with saying that, I have taken the wrong decision in buying the wrong Tablet for me. Thus each and every person would like to buy the Best Tablet PC that which suits the needs, like Business, Gaming, Entertainment and others.

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Here are the Best Tablet PCs in the World

  1. Apple iPad
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab
  3. Motorola Xoom
  4. Dell Streak
  5. Google and HTC Tablet
  6. HP Slate
  7. LG Optimus Pad
  8. Fusion Garage’s JooJoo

best tablet PCs

8 Best Tablet PCs in 2011

#1. Apple iPad – Ultimately the Best Tablet in 2011

  1. Apple’s iPad is one of the revolutionary as well as the Best Tablet PC that is available in the current market.
  2. The iPad is considered as the trend setter for the Tablet nation which have created great scope as well as popularity to the Tablets in the world. Though few other Tablets made their way before the launch of Apple iPad, but still iPad is considered as the Next Gen Revolutionary Gadget that has created scope for the Tablet market.
  3. Recently Apple with the success of iPad-1 have confidently launched the iPad-2. I don’t want to comment on this aspect as still iPad 2 is not completely into market. So, lets wait and see.
  4. iPad provides exciting support for browsing, and its connectivity is ultimate with built-in Safari browser which is pretty quick. iPad also supports multimedia and games with stunning multimedia performance without any degradation in performance which reflects that iPad is not only the device that is designed for Business purpose, but also it suits well for Entertainments as well.

Conclusion : The Overall performance of Apple iPad suits both Business as well as the Entertainment with great Camera, improved Battery Life and Connectivity making it one of the Best Tablet PC in 2011.

Best Tablet PCs in 2011

Apple iPad - The Best Tablet PC

#2. Samsung Galaxy Tab – The best Tablet in 2011

  1. The Mighty Android Tablet phone with the reliance of Samsung made it the Best Tablet PC in the world. Galaxy Tab was one such a Tablet PC which was unveiled without any hype, but after the launch it has rocked the market with astonishing sales.
  2. The Galaxy Tab gave great competition for Apple iPad and this Galaxy Tab is considered as saint of all other Android Tabs, as the entire life of Android Tabs was relied on the success of Galaxy Tab, and Galaxy Tab is a great success which have laid the path for future Android Tabs.
  3. Well, few people might comment that Samsung Galaxy Tab is not definitely worth its price, as it would be lot more appealing if the price is cheaper than Apple iPad. Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with a 10.1 inch 16:9 display with LCD images on 1280*800 resolution. The picture quality is stunning because of its high pixel count, and it comes up with Honeycomb OS which is claimed to be having prolonged battery life. According to me it is the best tablet in 2011 for sure.
  4. The Galaxy Tab’s is loaded with 8MP which is a rear facing camera and also includes a 2MP front-facing camera making it a Ultimate Option for Cam Buzzers. The connectivity of Samsung Galaxy tab is one of the down-tends which makes it not a perfect Business Device, but an ultimate Entertainment Device.

You Can Read Great Article which dealt with Comparison between Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad 2.

Conclusion : The Samsung Galaxy Tab is not considered as a perfect Business Tool, but was the ultimate Entertainment guaranteed device. But, still because of its stunning performance measures making it as one of the most deserved Tablet in the list of Best Tablet PCs in the World.

Samsung Galaxy tab

Samsung Galaxy tab - The Best Tablet PC

#3. Motorola Xoom Tablet – Underdog Tablet with Stunning Performance

  1. Motorola Xoom is yet another Tablet Gadget that which have created tremendous public talk around the world. Motorola Xoom is the First Tablet to enter into the market with Android 3.0 version. Motorola Xoom is considered as next best Android Tablet after Samsung Galaxt Tab.
  2. It comes with 5-MP front and 2-MP rear-facing camera with 32GB local storage and also 1GB RAM and also comes with 10-hour battery life.
  3. When you compare Motorola Xoom with Apple iPad, I can definitely suggest you to switch to Motorola Xoom without second thought. However Motorola Xoom is bit expensive pricing around £499-£599(3G) and Apple iPad ranges from £429 for Wi-Fi version, itself. This is yet another best tablet PC from Android.
  4. Regarding the performance, it’s the much improved and advanced version Android Tab and they have managed to fix the bugs that people faced in previous version. Thus Motorola Xoom suits very well for business people as well as Entertainment and Gaming.

Conclusion : Motorola Xoom is the Next Generation Android Tablet which comes with Android 3.0 Operating System and it’s having extremely improved features when compared to Samsung Galaxy Tab and it is considered as best Tablet in 2011 and also a Business Gadget as well with tremendous control over connectivity.


Motorola Xoom- The Best Tablet

#4. Dell Streak Tablet – Yet another Quality Product from Dell

  1. Dell is constantly focusing on upgrading its Dell Streak Series as its latest version is Dell Streak 7 which is much advanced and upgraded version of Dell Streak 5, which comes with slightly bigger screen with dual-core Nvidia Tegra and 3G Mobile Broadband with normal GPS, Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi connection.
  2. The unfortunate thing about Dell Streak 7 is its still relying on Android 2.2 version or Froyo where its other competitors were using Android 2.3 alias Gingerbread or Android 3.0 Honeycomb. But you can still move to other Latest version OS which is a great relief.
  3. These Dell Tablets were highly designed to serve Gaming and Entertainment purpose. While the connectivity is quite normal, no extra words required to deal with its connectivity, its quick and reliable.

Conclusion : If you are Android Lover and want to upgrade your Tablet, then Dell Steak is better option for you which ranges between $500-$800. But even Google accepted the truth about Android 2.2 which doesn’t suite Tablets, but we have to wait and see how Dell is going to Handle this to prove its Range.


Dell-Streak-7 - The best Tablet

#5. HTC Flyer Tablet – Awesome Performer

  1. HTC have launched, yet another Android Platform supporting Tablet. HTC have been planning to launch this Tablet running on the Android Gingerbread, but for Honeycomb Update this is Overhanging which gives negative sense.
  2. The 7-inch LCD screen which comes with aluminium body that provides you th touch experience, with 415 gm and just 13.7 mm width as it really feels like heaven in our Hand.
  3. It’s loaded with Android 2.3.1, 1 GB RAM and 32 GB memory with 7-inch capacity LCD at 1024*600, 5 MP back-facing camera as well as 3 MP front-facing camera and 3G supported with call friendly. It also comes with 3D widgets which adds it the great value.
HTC Flyer

HTC Flyer - The Best Tablet

#6. HP Slate – The Cheapest and Best Tablet PC in 2011

  1. HP Slate the Don and unknown neighbour, which is just another simple Tablet PC with tremendous hype going on around. Its definitely going to be the Laptop Killer which runs on Windows 7, which provides us the scope to run the softwares like Adobe Flash, Photoshop etc. It is one of the cheapest available and Best Tablet PC from HP who are going to close their Support soon which made it available for such a cheaper price.
  2. Thus these features reflects that its going to be the Ultimate Laptop Replacer which might even replace your netbook, Laptop, or Desktop as well.
  3. This even supports Kindle e-book reader, multi-touch and was designed specially for supporting and providing exciting gaming experience. This was launched in CES by chief Executive of Microsoft. Steve Ballmer and few rumours were going around regarding the starting range of the HP slate, it is expected to be ranging from $549.

HP Slate - Best Tablet

#7. LG Optimus Pad – Most Eligible in Best Tablet PC

  1. LG Optimus Pad is yet anoother Android OS platform supported Tablet which comes with 3.0 Honeycomb. The design looks pretty normal with 8.9-inch and the specifications were same as that of other Tablets like Motorola Xoom.
  2. Its loading with excellent Camera features like 3D camera at back and two 5MP snappers. It also supports 3G, Wi-Fi as well as 32 GB memory. It is considered as one of the Best Tablet PC that is available in the Market Today. This is yet another deserving Tablet in Best Tablet PCs in 2011 category.

LG Optimus Pad - Best Tablet

#8. Fusion Garage’s JooJoo

  1. Its one of the Wide-Screened Tablet PC with 12-inch screen and onboard camera feature as well. It even supports Flash along with 1080p video streaming and USB accessory support as well as microphone which were new features introduced in this which are not present even in Top Tablets like Apple iPad, but only thing that bothers is its battery life which is just around 5 hours.
  2. Its the Intel Atom and NVIDIA ion powered Tablet with stunning and exciting interface and more advanced processing capability allowing users the tremendous Tablet Experience. It is considered as one of the Best Tablet PCs in 2011.
Fusion Garage’s JooJoo

Fusion Garage’s JooJoo - The Best Tablet

Thus these 8 were considered as Best Tablet PCs that were available and about to launch into market shortly. Including these 8 PC Tablets there are still few more Tablets that deserve to occupy the place in the list like BlackBerry Playbook, Asus Eee Pad Slider, and  Archos 9 PC Tablet which were few other Tablets that worth checking out.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this article on 8 Best Tablet PCs in 2011 and don’t forget to subscribe us for more information.

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25 Comments to Best Tablet PCs for Excellent Tablet Experience [Tablet Directory]

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab is 1st my list, cost under 24k in Bangalore, its also has a better screen quality than iPad. It would be nice if you could collect price info of these gadgets in Indian markets.

  2. hey surely android gonna rule the markets, android honey comb and everything is awesome. that the reason samsung captures the entire market now. There is no nokia phones now 😀 symbian sucks…andriod is open source and we can make self experments and it can be accessed upto root 😀 and Mac os superb but cant give by students 🙁

  3. iPad better watch it’s back – there’s a whole raft of tablets on the way this year. Apple can’t keep releasing the exact same model with one or two additional bits forever…

    • Siddartha

      @Matt Yea iPad rockz, but Android Tablets were currently considered as its Alternatives by others for which its slow product launch was one of the reason!

  4. The iPad changed all that. Not only did Apple design it from the ground up to offer a finger-friendly, super-slick navigation experience, it realised that dispensing with buttons entirely was the best way to ensure there was no confusion about how you used the device – and no chance for software makers to add unnecessary navigation steps. Instead, the iPad offers simple, direct control based on touch input alone, and an OS that doesn’t bog down the processor and distract from the tasks you want to achieve.

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