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9 Best iPhone Camera Apps for Better Photography Experience

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iphone camera apps
In this post, we are going to deal with some best iPhone Camera Apps that which helps us to take your photography with iPhone to next level. These are some of the best iPhone Camera Apps that worth trying out, if you are a serious Photographer. These apps certainly turns your iPhone into Digital Camera. We have tested over 40+ dedicated iPhone Camera Apps, and have piked 8 best apps among them which will definitely help you to take the Photography skills with your iPhone to next level.

Apple iPhone is specially know for its touch interface and compatibility with over 5 million active apps. I don’t hesitate to call it as one of the most craziest Gadget of all time that helped Apple to stand tall in the Smart-Phone industry by crossing Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson which are the leading Mobile Manufacturers till 2007-08.

For Serious Photographers, Apple iPhone and its supported Camera Apps works really well by helping them to snap photos as well as to edit them and also to add few special effects. Some of these apps allows the users to share their photos with their friends on popular Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and many more.

Here are the 9 Best iPhone Camera Apps

  1. PicYou
  2. Instagram
  3. ProCamera
  4. Camera+
  5. Magic Shutter
  6. PhotoBox
  7. iSwap Faces Lite
  8. FilterStorm
  9. SketchMee

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must have iphone camera apps

Best iPhone Camera Apps

#1. PicYou – Best iPhone Camera Apps

  • PicYou is one of the exciting Camera Apps for your iPhone, that allows you to edit your iphotos, enable effects and share them with your friends across the world.
  • It is loaded with some of the free photo filters like Albion, Zeitgeist, Dreamy and many more. You can also build free photo frames using PicYou.
  • This apps is developed my Flixya Ent, that allows us to store unlimited photos in the cloud. You can also connect this app with your Facebook and Twitter accounts with just 1 single click and can share with your friends.
  • PicYou is one of the best iPhone Photo App that highly focused on sharing and storing of our snaps safely. <PicYou – Photo App>

PicYou iphone app

#2. Instagram – Top Rated iPhone Camera Apps

  • Instagram is one of the most popular iPhone Camera Apps which is used by over 9 Million users across the world. It is really simple to use, it is a free apps loaded with lots of fun and enables you to share your pictures on your iPhone.
  • It is compatible with all versions of iPhone like first ganeration iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 as well. It even supports the front and back camera feature of iPhone 4 which makes it one of the must use iPhone Camera Apps.
  • Its loaded with huge number of effects that which brings the new life for your Old photos. Some of the effects like Sutro, Earlybird, Nashville, 1977 vintage, etc are the well know custom borders available while Linear and Rafical Tilt-shift blur adds extra recipe for this app.
  • You can share your photos with your friends and family with just one single tap on your iPhone to many Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Posterous, Flickr, Tumblr, etc. <Instagram>

Instagram - Best iPhone App

#3. ProCamera – Award Winning iPhone Camera Apps

  • ProCamera is an award winning camera apps that is claimed to set the new standards in your iPhotography by helping you to get max out of your camera. Most of the Top Tech blogs like GIZMODO, NYTimes have listed it as must have iPhone Camera Apps and also it is the favorite app for most of the Apple’s Official Staff.
  • If you are really serious about your iPhotography, then your search is going to end here. ProCamera is loaded with awesome features that allow users to share, edit, add effects to your photos as well as vidoes. It is a first choice app for every iPhotographer.
  • It provides perfect grip over your Camera Hardware and it is capable of taking over 12 snaps per second (on iPad, while with iPhone the performance varies). You can even share your pics with your friends on Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.
  • Some additional features like Geotagging, Pro FX Studio, Anti-Shake Image Stabilizer, 6x HQ Digital Zoom with full resolution, as well as Digital Flash and many more exciting features makes it one of the must have iPhone camera apps. <ProCamera>

ProCamera - Camera Apps for your iPhone

#4. Camera+(Plus) – Top Selling iPhone Camera Apps

  • Camera+ is one of the Top Selling camera apps with over 3 million record sales. It just makes sure to turn your iPhone Camera Lens into Powerful SLR lens. This app is all about snapping great photos.
  • Its regardless whether you are a professional photographer or a seasonal photographer or you are someone who barely touched a camera, it just makes sure that it turns you to love taking photos with your iPhone. It just explores the creativity in you and every step with this app is filled with Fun, Innovative and beautiful design.
  • It provides the ultimate control over your camera with exciting features like stabilizer, highest zooming quality, exclusive photo flash, Dozens of unbelievable effects and many more making is the best choice for iPhotographers.
  • The First Generation iPhone users and iPhone 3G users can’t enjoy this app as it is compatible only on iPhone 3GS on iOS4, iPhone 4 only. You can share your photos with your friends and family on Social Networking sites like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and many more. <Camera+>

Camera plus iphone apps

#5. Magic Shutter – Creative iPhone Camera Apps

  • Magic Shutter is one of most creative iPhone camera apps that helps you to take Long exposure as well as repeated exposure photos by using your iPhone. It is also having sharing option.
  • It is one of my favorite iPhone Camera App that provides Magic instant preview of your Photos. It is compatible with iPhone 4 (real flash) and iPhone 3Gs (stimulate flash). The stunning features like flash sync can freeze the shooting objects that will give you the unbelievable results.
  • It gives you the Hight Quality photo output with over 1 million pixel resolution. You are also allowed to operate the shutter speed that can be set manually between the time frames 1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 30, 60 seconds or unlimited.
  • It supports the iPhone 4 front and back camera options and helps users to shoot accurately. It even supports the retina display option of your iPhone 4. <Magic Shutter>

magic shutter - iphone app

#6. Photobox – Secured iPhone Camera Apps

  • If you worry about the security of your private photos in your iPhone, then PhotoBox is one such an app that you are looking for. It prevents the leaking of your private iPhone photos.
  • Photobox is a photo security software that provides the option to hide your photo album with a security password. You can only access those photos only by passing that security code.
  • You just have to import the photos to the photobox and just set as password. Forget about the security. It even supports the multiple photo importing option, you can move the photos from box to normal album back again and many more exciting features makes it one of the most secured iPhone Camera Apps. <PhotoBox>

PhotoBox - iPhone app

#7. iSwap Faces Lite – Funniest iPhone Camera Apps

  • iSawp Faces is one of the most entertaining iPhone Camera apps, that which allows you to swap faces in the photos. You might be vexed with the professional iPhone Camera Apps, but now its time to enjoy with some funny apps and iSwap Faces lite does the job for you.
  • It just makes use of Photoshop master in order to swap one face onto the other in just a minute. It is really easy to use allowing you to Morph one person’s face onto other for ultimate entertainment.
  • You just need to snap photos or to load photos from the library and have to place the masks over the 2 facts and iSwap Faces does the rest for you. You can swap the faces of your friends on Social Networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and can tweet the results on Twitter or TweetPic.
  • It is available in paid version as well which included additional features as well <iSwap Faces Lite>

iSwap Faces lite - iPhone App

#8. FilterStorm – Best iPhone Camera Apps for Editing

  • Filterstorm is one of the best iPhone Camera Apps that was specially designed to meet your requirements for editing photos. It is loaded with toolset that is specially designed for editing some serious photography with uniquely crafted touch interface.
  • This is ultimate Editing app that helps you to get most out of your Pics. Its powerful set of tools are loaded with curves manipulation, vignetting, black and white effects with fine tuning, noise reduction as well sa sharpening and many more.
  • It even has ability to edit the images by brush, gradient, selecting the opacity or color range. You can export images upto 7.5 MP and can send the pictures via e-mail, FTP, DropBox or Flickr. It is proved as the best iPhone Camera Apps for Editing photos with awesome editing options and also having other effects that makes your photos even attractive. <FilterStorm>

FilterStorm - iPhone App

#9. SketchMee – Artistic iPhone Camera Apps

  • SketchMee is one of the best iPhone Camera apps that turns your Photos into artistic pencil skteches of remarkable quality.
  • It provides the high resolution sketch art as output with regardless to input image size. You can also share your art work as emails to your friends. It is loaded with exciting artistic sketches like Potrait images, Landscape Scenery, Computer Graphics and many more.
  • It is extremely easy to use. Just pic an image or photo from your library and with just a single tab, you can see the beautiful sketched image. It is one of the powerful iPhone Camera apps that which allows you to select the various art sketching styles as well. <SketchMee>

This is it. These are the 8 Best iPhone Camera Apps that which helps you to enhance your iPhotography experience. If you are aware of any other awesome iPhone camera apps which we haven’t covered in the list, do share about them in our comment section to improve the productivity.

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  1. Is Hipstamatic still an iPhone app? I thought it’s cool, too. I’m taking note of these apps as soon as I get my iPhone (I know…late bloomer!)

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