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7 Best Sites to Grade your Twitter Profile

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Guest article by Mr.Sudharsan from Techno Skill Online. This is a gift for all our readers on account of our 3rd anniversary celebrations.

Twitter the most powerful Social Networking site. Its the best place for Business People, Organizations, Technology new, Strategy, Bloggers, and many other need for the people. Many twitter dedicated application websites were been developed currently, which explains us the impact it made in present status. As a internet user, we all have used twitter at least for once. Do you know how popular you are in twitter among your followers. whether you are using twitter effectively or just spamming it for self-promotion ?.

Twitter Grader tool is a that seemed to be fun for Twitter user. It measures the relative power of a Twitter user. To know the answers for all these questions, just check your twitter profile in these sites. As I have mentioned above about the twitter dedicated tools, I have framed the best 7 Tools to grade your Twitter Profile. All the tools mentioned here are unique and best than other tool.

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#1. Twitter Value

This site helps to value your twitter profile according to the no of  followers, tweets you have in your profile. There is an option for creating your own widget for your blog, which displays your ranking to your blog readers.

Twitter Value

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#2. Twitter Grader

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This is one of the standard tool used by most of the people to know their stats in Twitter.  It grade your account and also displays your current rank among all twitter users in their database.

Twitter Grader

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#3. Twitter counter

If you are a twitter user, you might have known about twitter counter very well, which is directly powered by twitter. So there is no chance of false data provided for you.

Twitter Counter

This is one of the favorite tool used by many twitters. Main feature in twitter counter is, it display your stats in a neat graph, so we can able to analyze whether we are in Up or Down side.

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#4. Tweet level

This is one of the best tool to analyze your twitter profile because this tool was use by MTV to choose the winner of Twitter Jockey contest. This tool is slightly different from other tool because it shows you how influence and popular you are in twitter.

Tweet level

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#5. Twitter score

How much you score on twitter out of 10 ?

This site is a score board of your profile. A good tweeters should have at least 3.5 scores out of 10.

whats ur’s ?

Score Tweet

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#6. Whats Your Tweet Worth

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As the name tells you everything. Yes, this tools tell how much value is your tweets. Whether your tweets have any value or you are just spamming. You can get your tweet value in Dollars-$.

What' class=

It is mainly calculated on the basic of  how many tweets you have in your profile. So, many tweets = More  dollars :-p

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#7. Twitholic

This tool grade you rank on the basic of your followers count. One of the most important thing i like in this site is, it give the details of Top 100+ most popular twitter users in the world, ranked on the basic of follower they have.


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Wanna know who has more no of followers in the world ? check the site.

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  1. Wish “based on these scores”, there was a way to monetize your Twitter profile just as you can sell your blog! 😉

    Not saying about selling tweets.

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