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7 Best Dropbox Alternative Services you must try

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In this post, we are going to deal with the list of 7 best Dropbox alternative file hosting services. Dropbox is one of the best web-based(cloud) service for storing, synchronizing, sharing and accessing the files online. It is available in both free and paid versions with varying options. The free users can enjoy almost 2GB of free storage and if you refer any of your friends, it allows you to store upto 8GB.

It is available on various platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac and it is also compatible with mobile device platforms like Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry and not to forget, it also offers a web-based client, where these is no need for you to install the local client on your device. Despite of many advantages and being a Dropbox fan, you might be thinking why I’m supposed to list out the best alternatives to Dropbox file storage services.

The interface of Dropbox is simply outstanding and even the new users can accustom to it’s environment pretty easily. The server and desktop clients of Dropbox are developed using Python and it uses Amazon S3 storage system.

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Before heading to the list of Alternatives to Dropbox type of services, let us check out some of the drawbacks of it.  Well there are certain drawbacks with Dropbox like you are not allowed to host your own server, few experts in the industry criticized about Dropbox authentication architecture, few security constraints, remote accessing  of computers is not possible and few more drawbacks are making people to search for some of the best alternative services to dropbox, then this is the post that your must be searching for and I hope my research might help you a bit.

Dropbox Alternative File Sharing Services

  1. LiveDrive
  2. Dmailer Backup
  3. Syncplicity
  4. Live Mesh
  5. SkyDrive
  6. Sugar Sync
  7. Tonido

Dropbox Alternative

#1. LiveDrive

livedrive - dropbox alternative
LiveDrive is on of the best online storage solution and deserving Dropbox Alternative application. It provides the four unique options, from which we need to choose them as per our requirement.

  1. LiveDrive Backup
  2. LiveDrive Briefcase
  3. LiveDrive Pro Suite
  4. LiveDrive Business.

LiveDrive Backup provides you the scope to backup your files and documents online allowing you to access your files from any part of the world. You can enjoy 2 weeks free trail and then you have to pay them in order to enjoy unlimited Online Backup facility. It is compatible with both your Windows or Mac PCs and not to forget they are also having Android, iDevice applications which allows you to access files using your SmartPhone or Tablet PCs.

LiveDrive Briefcase is yet another interesting option for you which allows you to Sync, Share and Manage files. It price is pretty affordable as they are allowing you to store data upto 2TB. You can also view or access files anywhere across the world using your PDAs as well. The Sync option is really awesome.

LiveDrive Pro Suite is a mixture of Backup and Briefcase. In one word, it is an ultimate solution for Backup, Storing, Sharing, Synchronizing things. You’ll get around 5TB of online storage with high security and this option suits a lot for business professionals. LiveDrive Business options carries almost everything that a Small Business or Professionals dream about having in their Online storage or Backup solutions.

So, if you are searching for some of the best alternatives to Dropbox, then LiveDrive is one of the best Online Fire hosting, backup or Sharing solution that you must try out. LiveDrive

#2. Dmailer Backup

dmailer - dropbox alternative
Dmailer is one of the best free Online file hosting or file sharing solution and it is considered as one of the best Dropbox Alternative service. Dmailer Online which is named as YuuWaa is the thing that we need to look at which provides us with a great scope to store our docs online upto 2GB.  Currently Dmailer Online service is discontinued, but you can migrate or register a new account to enjoy online back-up service at YuuWaa.

Same as Dropbox, Dmailer allows us to store around 2GB of data(lifetime) and this application is compatible to Mac and Windows operating systems which is capable of taking backup or restoring entire data of your PC pretty efficiently.

It consists of a couple of modes like Automatic mode(automatically backs up the user data like documents, videos or music) and Custom mode(provides us with flexible options to manage things as per our requirement). For cloud based file storage, Dmailer is a good online backup solution. <Dmailer Backup>

#3. Syncplicit

syncplicity - dropbox alternative
Syncplicity is an automated sync, collaboration, back-up, and file management service, which is powerful enough for home, professional and business users. It is considered as one of the best Dropbox alternative service provider, because of its features like Cloud file storage, Online backup, Synchronizing, Sharing and access your files using your PDAs makes it one of the best choice.

It is compatible with Windows OS while the Mac version is undergoing beta and using Syncplicity it is possible for us to secure and access the files. It looks very similar to Dropbox, but lacks the remote-access feature, but it is one of the Top Rated Online File sharing or File hosting applications that are available.

It allows you to sync files and documents across your PCs, Mac(beta), file servers, Google Docs, SharePoint and other cloud applications with in seconds. If you are searching for a best File Sync software, then it is going to occupy the first place for their quality services.

Sharing is little bit safer with guessable and no easy public link to your files. Memory footprint of Syncplicity is much heavier when compared to that of Dropbox. It is also having their own applications for Android and iOS based devices. <Syncplicity>

#4. Live Mesh

livemesh - Dropbox alternative
LiveMesh is one of the best and free file storage services from Microsoft. It offers five GB of backup space, which is really high when compared to the 2GB of Free Dropbox storage limit.

It is one of the best File Sync application currently, which allows us to sync files between 2 or more computers and also it enables remote desktop accessing through Internet connectivity with the help of your browser.

Some of the exciting features like – PC to PC Synchronization (upto 200 folders with over 1,00,000 files each), Synchronizing upto 5 GB of files to SkyDrive, Remote Desktop Accessing using Windows Live Devices, and many more makes it one of the best alternative for Dropbox. <Windows Live Mesh>

#5. Windows SkyDrive

skydrive - dropbox alternative
If you are looking for some reliable free Cloud File hosting service then SkyDrive holds its place in the up front. The Word “Microsoft Product” provides it additional advantage. SkyDrive allows us to store the files and access them using our Web Browser.

It is considered as one of the mighty competitor for Dropbox. It allows us to store over 25GB and each individual file you upload into their cloud storage is limited to 100 MB. You need to have Windows Live ID in order to store, access or share your files privately while you don’t need it for accessing Publicly shared files.

The Sync Feature of SkyDrive has been discontinued long back and it is one of the major thing that is missing. It also lacks remote desktop accessing feature.

SkyDrive is considered as one of the best alternative for Dropbox with even better storage capacity and it is loaded with features like File Hosting, Sharing, you can mange the privacy of your files and many more. They have launched Mobile applications for iOS devices and Windows Phone 7 devices and they are about to roll out Android version soon. <Windows SkyDrive>

#6. Sugar Sync

SugarSync - dropbox alternative
SugarSync is yet another best Dropbox Alternative solution, that is loaded with almost all features like Synchronizing, Sharing, Backup, Access of your files which you’d like to have in a normal Online File Sharing or File Hosting application.

The free account of SugarSync allows us to store over 5 GB of data which is way ahead of Dropbox storage limit for free account. Like Dropbox, SugarSync also encourages referral system by crediting users with extra storage capacity based on the plans that your referral chooses.

It also backs up the data online, and can sync across numerous computers. SugarSync is compatible of both Windows and Mac operating systems. It is also having mobile applications for Blackberry, Symbian, Android, iDevices and Windows Phone 7. It is also one of the highly reliable as well as top rating service provider and a true competitor for Dropbox. <Sugar Sync>

#7. Tonido

Tonido is one of the best Dropbox Alternative service you can try out. With the help of Tonido, it is possible for us to mount the remote drive as your local drive from any part of world if you are having LAN or Internet connectivity.

It is one of the best solution for file Synchronization or File sharing in a secured way. It is capable of Synchronizing large files as well. You will be alloted a web address with which you can access your PC which is one of the new feature that other applications are missing.

It is compatible with your Windows or Mac or Linux operating systems and also you can share the files or media through a web browser which can be accessed from any part of the world and you can also download your files on to your Mobile phones.

It is also having applications for various mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7. What not, it is holding almost all possible features that you’d expect to have in your file sharing application. <Tonido>

Some of the additional services like SpiderOak, Wuala, Syncany, Box.net, Jungle Disk are some other considerable Alternatives to Dropbox, which you can also check out. Hope you’ve enjoyed our article on Dropbox Alternative File Sharing services, if you are interested you can suggest few more in the comment section below.

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  1. I prefer dropbox because its easy for me to use and i have earned the total refferal extra diskspace as well. I used to use Skydive but its become to commercial like hotmail, just ugly due to advertisements.

    • If someone is giving us something for free, most of them expect something from us. But I accept that SkyDrive is loaded with lil bit extra commercialism

  2. I’ll just use dropbox it’s the best man, anyway thank you for this post it’s really helpful in the case dropbox go down, who knows?

    • Well, I don’t accept with the point that Dropbox goes down. Though they are a small organization, they still holds strong userbase. They exist until the cloud technology exist….

    • It’s not like best comes first…. To be right on point, I’d like to use the combination of Livemesh + Skydrive and at the same time I love Dmailer and Syncplicity 🙂

      Each of them are having their own benefits 🙂

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