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6+ Reasons Why WordPress Self Hosted Blog is better than BlogSpot Blog?

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Gadget Cage was first registered as a Blogspot blog in August 2007, after two years we have bought our own custom domain in January 2009. After that we thought there is no more flexibility in Blogger and decided to migrate to WordPress. We migrated Gadget Cage to WordPress on 27th March, 2010.

In this post lets talk about: Why WordPress is much more* better than Blogger.

Full Control:

There will be full control on your blog if you use WordPress. If you use BlogSpot, Google may delete your blog without any* intimation even you use a custom domain (ex: www.yourdomain.com). If an user flags your blog as Spam on BlogSpot there are chances to remove your blog, in some cases you can get your blog back. Even I faced this problem, but luckily I’ve posted about this issue on Blogger Forums and within few hours my blog has been removed from spam list. But if you own a self-hosted blog with wordpress platform there’s no risk.
So, this is the advantage of Self Hosted WordPress blog.


The best thing I love about WordPress is the Plugins. You don’t need to spend a lot of time in editing your theme. In BlogSpot you don’t have this feature.
So here also the winner is the Self-Hosted WordPress Blog.

Themes and Templates:

You can have a custom template to each and every page, you can customize the theme in the way you want. But I also agree that BlogSpot also has some neat themes. But I think there’s no flexibility like you cannot host your template images on your server. In this case I support both BlogSpot blog and Self Hosted WordPress blog.

Advertising Advantages:

If you think of Blog advertising the first word that comes in your mind is AdSense. Previously Google used to approve AdSense easily for BlogSpot blogs, but it is now approving the blogspot blogs with good content and a minimum blog age of 6 months. If you have a Self Hosted blog with good design and content you can easily get an adsense account.

In BlogSpot you cannot place ads in the middle of the post, you can place the ad below the title and below the post. But WordPress has bunch of plugins which enables us to place ads in the middle of the posts also. As you can see the ad below, We use the Plugin: Advertising Manager to place ads in the middle of the post. I should say that you can earn more with a self-hosted WordPress blog.In this case I support Self Hosted WordPress Blog.
You can read this post: How I made $769 with Google Adsense in a day.

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Reselling Your Blog:

You are not allowed to sell your BlogSpot Blog. But In case of a Self Hhosted WordPress Blog, you can sell your blog or do anything with it.
In this case also I support the WordPress.org Blog.

Importing Posts and Comments:

In order to import a BlogSpot blog, first you need to export the posts and comments XML file. In this case all the posts are assigned to the default author who is undertaking this Export Process. In BlogSpot you cannot import posts from other than a blogspot blog. But in WordPress you can import posts and comments from Blogger, Blogroll, Blogware, DotClear, GreyMatter, LiveJournal, Movable Type and TypePad, WordPress.com Blogs. In this case also the Winner is Self Hosted WordPress blog.

Static Pages:

Now you can create upto 10 static pages on BlogSpot. But you can create unlimited number of static pages on a Self Hosted WordPress blog.
In this case also the winner is Self Hosted WordPress Blog.


On BlogSpot: Edit pages, Blog List, Followers, Add a Gadget, Subscription Links, Newsreel, Slideshow, Link List, Text, HTML/JavaScript, AdSense, Profile, Page Header, Blog Archive, Poll.

On Self Hosted WordPress Blog: Akismet, Archives, Authors, Blog Stats, Blog Subscriptions, Top Posts. You can add all the above widgets. I should say you can add any widget.
So in this case the winner is: Self Hosted WordPress Blog.
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So after reading this post, You can understand the advantages of a Self Hosted WordPress Blog.

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3 Comments to 6+ Reasons Why WordPress Self Hosted Blog is better than BlogSpot Blog?

  1. Now WordPress is little ‘better’ than Blogger. WordPress users says that Blogger’s main problems are UNFAVORABLE COMMENT BOX, UNAVAILABILITY OF PLUGIN FEATURES and COOL TEMPLATES etc! But as you said, Blogger is from Google family, anything kind of superb improvements could happen in future. We can hope that it will overtake WordPress soon!

    Great Post! 🙂

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