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6 Best iPhone 5S Cases and Covers to protect your device

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Apple provides complete cover package for its users if they are facing any kind of software issues with their device. What’s even better is that they replace the device for free, if the issues are detected within the warranty period. However, your device will not be eligible for the warranty exchange if Apple finds any kind of physical damage or water damage on the product. So, in order to avoid any kind of physical damage to your iPhone, it is always suggested to try using cases that protect your device from damages caused by accidental falls.

Frankly, I’m not a brisk user of iPhone, I’m an Android lover. I love the Samsung S3 or HTC One performance, which is ahead of iPhone at times—especially, in terms of sound, camera and flexibility. But, again there are many break tests that have gone across stating that Samsung S3 considerably has cheaper plastic bounding it, while iPhone and HTC are proven to be equally stronger.

In this article, we are going to check out some of the best and innovative iPhone Cases to protect your device from accidental falling or damaging.

#1. Spigen SGP Saturn

It is one of the most attractive iPhone 5S cases that are made of Polycarbonate and Aluminum parts. It is also compatible with iPhone 5. It comes in 4 different colored cases to match your interest: Metal Slate, Champagne Gold, Metal Red, and Satin Silver.

Spigen SGP Saturn

#2. Kouros Torque – Genuine Italian Leather Case

It is one of the expensive covers for your iPhone. It is made of high quality Italian leather case. I’m a great fan of leather cases for the mobile devices instead of metallic or plastic cases. This cover is available in various colors like Camel, Red, Brown, and Black.

Kouros Torque


#3. Belkin Lego Builder case

If you are a fan of LEGO Base Plate game, this case turns your iPhone into a buildable brick by providing the maximum protection for your device from the physical damage. It is available in 3 colors Black/Blue, Magenta/Blue, Yellow/Red.

Belkin Lego Builder case


#4. Case-Mate Artistry Wood

It is inspired from the vintage designs of automobiles that come with the genuine hardwoods that are paired with the attractive aluminum accents. It comes with natural wooden tints; with polished aluminum brushing makes it one of the most attractive cases.

Case-Mate Artistry Wood

#5. The Snugg case

It is one of the best nonmetallic cases for your iPhone 5S, with perfect fit and is made of high quality silicon. It is available in 2 color variants Black and White. It is slip resistant and soft in feel which offers users life time guarantee.

The Snugg case


#6. Hitcase – Waterproof iPhone Case

It is one of the rough and tough cases for your iPhone 5/5S. It is a rugged, mountable case, which turns your delicate iPhone into a sports action camera. Not to forget, it is a waterproof case. It does a great job of protecting your iPhone from both the physical and water damage. Regardless if you are snowboarding, surfing, skiing or skating, it just protects your iPhone to maximum extent.  Hitcase waterproof cases are available from S3 Performance. You can check out the site for more exciting information about this case.

Hitcase - Waterproof iPhone Case


These are some of the best iPhone 5S cases/covers that help you to protect your device from the accidental damage to the maximum extent.

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