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5 Useful Twitter Add-ons for Firefox

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We have dealt with many twitter tool that play a major role to provide the productive sense while using our Twitter. As Social Media is mostly considered as addictive practice that previous estimations states that over 34% of Young Generation were wasting their valuable time.  But, these are considered as best place to gain lots of valuable information.

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Firefox offers a lot of customization options for users with add-ons. In this post, I am going to mention 5 add-ons that will make your tweeting experience with Firefox unforgettable.
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#1. Power Twitter

This add-on gets you additional functionality on Twitter’s website like link expansion, photo uploading, etc. If you are using Twitter’s website to tweet most of the time; you should check this out. [Add to Firefox]

#2. Echofon

This is a well-known Twitter client for Mac users. The Echofon add-on makes it very easy to tweet even when you are browsing another website. [Add to Firefox]

#3. Twitterbar

This is another cool add-on that makes tweeting seamless. With Twitterbar you can tweet directly from your address bar itself. Cool, ain’t it? [Add to Firefox]

#4. Twitter Search

This little add-on makes it easy to access Twitter real-time search. [Add to Firefox]

#5. Twitter SSL

This is a security Add-on that helps you go to the SSL version of Twitter by default. With this you can encrypt the searches between you and Twitter. [Add to Firefox]
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