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5 Tips for a better Computer Performance

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We’ve all got hectic lives and our computer forms an integral part of helping us move on with our daily activities. We take care of ourselves but often end up forgetting to pamper our computer which finally gives up on us. In this post, I have decided to put down 5 ways to maintain your computer.

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If you are going to maintain your computer seriously, crashes and virus attacks will become a thing of the past.

PC Tips

#1. Clean your computer – Inside and Outside

  • Cleaning your computer is very essential. Some of us take pains to clean unwanted files and folders so that we get better performance out of our computer but, we don’t actually clean our computer. Open up that cabinet and smell the dust. (I am sure; you’ll get an asthma attack if you do that).
  • Regularly cleaning your computer opens up the clogs/vents and gives space to free circulation thereby reducing heat in the system. I’ve had to repair 2 computers last week that had fans inside completely covered with dust particles. Microsoft has a pretty decent page about computer cleaning here
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  • Now, that takes care of external cleaning. Next, you will have to clean up the files in your computer so that it can have some free space and perform well for you. I strongly recommend trying out CCleaner – A Free utility from Piriform that does a very good cleaning job. Defragmenting the Hard-drive is one thing many underestimate.
  • We’ve all had a lot of hang-ups from our computer. Defragmenting your HDD will make accessing files easier for your computer indirectly improving performance. (Don’t forget to scan your registry for errors with CCleaner)

PC Cleaning

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#2. Secure your computer

  • Security is a very important aspect in today’s scenario. We now have always-on internet connections and this creates the need for better security. Create a strong password for your user account and make sure that the user accounts you always access to use the computer is not an Administrator powered one. If you always use a restricted account on your machine, it will prevent malware from installing without your consent since you won’t have the required privileges.
  • Make sure that you have proper Antivirus software installed and updated. I personally like McAfee Total Security. If you can’t pay for security software try Microsoft Security Essentials or Avira AntiVir Personal.
  • Always listen to what the security centre has to say. Keep your Firewall turned on and be aware of how you might get infected.

Secure your computer

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#3. Use Latest Software

  • Never put off updating software version/windows. If there’s a new version of software you use install it as soon as possible. Newer versions of software come with lesser bugs and superior security.
  • Use a Version Checker such as CNET’s Tech Tracker so that your computer automatically alerts you when there’s obsolete software on board.


#4. Back Up!

  • Always have a Backup of the important files which you have. An External HDD is a very good option to sync files between your computer and the storage media.

#5. Review your Computer

  • Take time to review whether your computer’s configuration meets the minimum requirements of installed programs.
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  • Add more memory if possible, In today’s world, Anything below 2GB of RAM is frowned upon and If you are planning to use Windows 7, It’s recommended that you have 3GB of RAM to keep your computer running like a Porsche.

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  1. computer performance by your Windows-based machine can sneak up on you gradually. You may find its performance deteriorating increasingly until one day you realize you must fix it or buy a new one.

  2. Nice article, there is some great information here. I wrote a similar article a week ago on computer performace, it is good to see that someone else has also included some of the same tips that I gave when writing my article! I must be doing something right. You may be interested in reading it.

    Check it out here: http://daily-grind.net/?p=151

  3. Computers often freeze or crash when one needs them the most; in the middle of an important presentation, a term paper that’s due the next day, or while updating our financial software. Many computer problems can be solved with free or low-cost products or just by using a few common sense tips to improve performance and keep your PC running for a long time.

  4. A good registry scanner software tool will work to remove any and all invalid and unwanted registry data stored in your personal computer. It’s really quite simple. All you do is load it then click on the “scan” feature and it will automatically search your files for old useless data packages that need to be removed. It’s as simple as that.

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