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5 Social Networking Apps for Apple iPhone

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Apple iPhone apps
Apple iPhone, the revolutionary Smart phone that which had the record breaking sales over a period of time and is currently one of the most powerful resisted Mobile in the Smartphone Industry, though there are many competitors like Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile etc, were emerging to test its potentiality.

Being a Mobile with such a high demand, Apple iPhone is surely expected to have millions of applications. Coming back to Social Networking, which is acting as a part of life for many Organizations, Bloggers, even they are playing a crucial role in promoting the products among huge masses of people.

So, why are we excited to experience the Social Networking Applications in our iPhone?

Its, pretty common issue that two mighty powerful weapons integrating and will lead to huge revolution for sure. In this article, Im  going to list out the 5 free Social Networking Applications for Apple iPhone.

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#1. Skype Application

  • Skype one of the best VOIP application is now into our iPhones, iTouch, as well as iPads. You can do everything what you are allowed to do with the Skype app on our PC.
  • This application enables us to make, receive call, instant messaging, text messaging to phones and many things.
  • Its simple, flexible and easy to use application and also its free of cost, you can download this Skype Application for Apple iPhone here.


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#2. Facebook Application

    • Facebook the No.1 Social Networking website’s application is now available in our iPhone and its free application.
    • The User can Write Walls, Check Status Messages of Friends, Chat with Friends, Uploading Mobile Photos directly to your Facebook account and many more. Currently this application is available only for US users.

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Facebook iphone app

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#3 Twitter Application

  • Twitter another powerful Social Networking website’s application is now available in our iPhone and its free application.
  • You can discover what’s happening right now, Realtime Search, Trending Tweets, Top topics, Maps, Direct Messages, Tweetting, and Sharing photos, videos and links to your friends around the world.
  • Its a free application and you can download the Twitter Application for your iPhone here.

twitter iPhone application

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#4. Myspace Application

  • Myspace yet another powerful Social Networking website’s application is now available in our iPhone and its free application.
  • Myspace application for iPhone is called Myspace Mobile and its available for iPhone, iPod touch and lets stay connected with our Friends by sending them mails, reading their updated messages, commenting on their status, uploading photos, and many more.
  • Its free of cost and you can download The iPhone application for Myspace here.

myspace iphone application

#5. Google Talk Application

  • Google Talk, the most used Chat Messenger in the world, in now an integrated application into iPhone.
  • You can text chat, update your status, photo transfer, Check our Mail, Transfer Files, Horizontal and Vertical keyboard Input, and many more as this app is available in multi-language versions in English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish.
  • This is not a free version and its worth 0.99$, you can buy Gtalk iPhone Application here.

gtalk iphone application

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Hope, you liked the list and we are about to bring you more action in coming days. Comment your view about the article by posing your valuable comments. You can also download or Buy the Apple Application Products here.

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Siddartha is a Blogger from India. He is currently working as a Java Front End developer and he loves writing about tutorials, technology, algorithm, etc. You can follow him on Twitter | Facebook | Google+. You can subscribe to GadgetCage RSS Feed or Email Notifications.

14 Comments to 5 Social Networking Apps for Apple iPhone

  1. Hi siddarth,

    I think there will be a great future for these web applications.Most of them will stay much stronger in coming days.I personally love facebook application looking for some addition of features in the present application.

    Any way thanks for your info

    Regards |Madav

    • @Madav Hey Madav thanx a lot for your Comment and sharing your views! Welcome to GadgetCage. Stay Tuned for more exciting action!

  2. Nothing beats the new social network app- whats on your mind- it`s the best app to release your thoughts on social network.

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