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5 Simple Tricks you can perform with Google Search

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Google Search
Google Search, the No 1 ranked search engine which is ruling the web world over the past decade.

Google is the website that is well known for making the learners into the professionals. Because it is the place where we can find everything and anything.

But did you ever think, is there anything beyond simply using Google for searching purpose.

My answers is yes, there are many things in Google Search other than search. Here is my basic list of few simple things that you can do with Google Search.

List of 5+ Google Search Tips and Tricks

  1. Identifying Local Time of any city across the World.
  2. Using “site:“, “OR“, “related” and “Link” Operators.
  3. Maths and Calculator, Numeric range search, Currency and Unit Conversions.
  4. English and Grammar.
  5. Specifying File Types.

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There are around more than 25 of these kind of tips and tricks with Google Search. But in this article Im focussing on the Most important and Basic Tips. So let us jump to the actual demo:

1. Identifying Local Time of any city across the World :

  • If you are interested to know the exact time of a particular city, this is the trick that you have to use.
  • Syntax : Time in city-name

Google Search Time Locator

2. Using “site: “, “OR “, “related” and “Link” Operators :

2.1. Site Operator:

  • site:” operator is my favorite operator that i uses to analyse my site each and every day. This operator is used to perform search with-in the prescribed website or searches within the website basing a term.
  • Syntax – site:gadgetcage.com keyword. (keyword is optional)

Google Search Site Operator

2.2. OR Operator:

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  • This operator searches for the results for the both Operators mentioned.
  • Syntax : keyword OR keyword

Google Search OR Operator

2.3. Related Operator :

  • This is really a useful Operator which is used to find the alternative results for the given website.
  • Syntax – related:www.gadgetcage.com

Google Search related Operator

2.4. Link Operator :

  • It is another useful Operator. It is used to find the web-pages that are links with the mentioned site. Best Operator that indicates the popularity of the page.
  • Syntax – link:http://www.website.com

Google Search LInk Operator

3. Maths and Calculator, Number range search, Currency and Unit Conversions :

3.1. Maths and Calculator :

  • You can perform many mathematical functions and calculations using the Google Search. Operations like +,-,*,/,sqrt(), etc can be done.
  • Syntax : a+b, a-b, a*b, a/b, sqrt(a).

Google Search Calculator

3.2. Numeric Range Search :

  • Here you can search certain products and services between a certain range.
  • Syntax : keyword number-number

Google Search Numeric rage results

3.3. Currency and Unit Conversions :

  • This will convert the currency of one country into other. For example 500 dollars in Euro.
  • Syntax : Currency in Currency
  • Google Search is also used to convert one unit into the other. For example kilogram in grams.
  • Syntax : unit in unit

Google Search Currency Convertor

Google Search Unit Converter

4. English and Grammar :

  • You can find the synonym and similar words by using keywords “define”, “~” Operators. For example define:gadget and “gadget” ~ technology.
  • Syntax – define:keyword, “keyword” ~keyword.
  • Google search is also used as Spelling Checker.

Google Search Definition

Google Search Similar Words

5. Specifying File Types :

  • We can search for prescribed files types in Google Search. “Filetype:” Operator is used for this purpose. For example “SEO” filetype:pdf
  • Syntax : “keyword” filetype:format of the file.

Google Search filetype Operator

These are really useful Tips and you can use these function which will definately make their impact.

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Which tricks do you use? Do let us know by commenting.

Siddartha is a Blogger from India. He is currently working as a Java Front End developer and he loves writing about tutorials, technology, algorithm, etc. You can follow him on Twitter | Facebook | Google+. You can subscribe to GadgetCage RSS Feed or Email Notifications.

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  1. There are a few more tricks said in the book that the Google Brothers wrote!

    Nevertheless, a nice post and very aptly illustrated!

    Keep the good thing coming! πŸ™‚
    .-= KK´s last blog ..Schools reopened! =-.

    • Siddartha

      @TechGopal Thnx a lot Gopal. Glad u liked it. Stay tuned for more Updates. Welcome to GadgetCage

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