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5 Qualities of a Good Mobile Phone

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Having a mobile phone is highly important in our age that a large percentage of the world population now use a cell phone. However, as interesting as the numbers may be we should also realize that most people use mobile phones that do them more harm than good and this is often as a result of the quality of the cell phone.

There are some characteristics of a good cell phone that separates it from junk ones and this article will be explaining 5 characteristics of a good cell phone.

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#1. It Must be Light and Small

The world is now more advanced and is continuing to advance in such a way that powerful computers with high technology can be packaged in a small way. A good mobile phone must be light and small and mustn’t require you to have a special bag for it because you want to use a mobile phone.

When trying to purchase your next mobile phone make sure it is something very portable and that you can easily put into your pocket without much trouble. A great advantage of doing this is that it makes life more comfortable for you while at the same time making it difficult for your cell phone to get lost.


#2. It Must be Simple and Easy to Use

Another quality of a good mobile phone is its simplicity and its ease of use. I shouldn’t have a multimedia mobile phone that will take me hours to locate my camera or my gallery. It doesn’t matter how great a mobile phone is you can’t give any comment on it until it is used and a good free cell phones should be very easy to use.

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A good mobile phone should also contain quality applications and a firmware version that will make it easy for the user to use external files on it; I shouldn’t be required to install one thing because I want to use a feature on my mobile phone.

It Must be Simple and Easy to Use

#3. It Must Have a Good Battery Management System

A good cell phone should also possess a good battery management system because this matters a lot; after all, your phone is useless if you cannot use it. Phones with stronger batteries can last days while some will even last weeks.

The only way you can get the best from your mobile phone is when you can use it and you shouldn’t be expected to be charging your phone every hour or to be using the phone while charging it. Durability of a phone’s battery is very important and one of the best qualities of a good mobile phone is its quality battery management system.

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#4. It Must Have a Better Sound System

What I mean by having a better sound system is not a loud sound system but a sound system that is very clear and sharp and that isn’t too low or high. It is really dangerous if a mobile phone’s sound is too low or high because we all need privacy and flexibility.

Your phone shouldn’t be too loud that other people will be hearing your conversations when it is in its minimum volume and your phone shouldn’t be too low that the highest volume will be very difficult to hear.

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#5. It Must Have Big and Clear Buttons

There is no way to test the functions of a mobile phone without pressing the buttons and you shouldn’t be straining your eyes before you can see the buttons.

A good phone should have buttons that can be seen by people with eye defects and that can be pressed by people with big thumbs.

Mobile Big and Clear Buttons


Even if a phone has all the fancy features in this world there is no value in it if you cannot use it. The above are some qualities a good mobile phone must have.

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14 Comments to 5 Qualities of a Good Mobile Phone

  1. i agree that a good mobile phone should be light and easy-to-use. Battery management system should also be good but other features that can be called as good depend on users. If somebody is passionate about music, it should have good sound quality. If somebody is passionate about photography, it should have good camera quality. Similarly different people have deferent parameter for judging the quality of handset. I believe UI should be simple and it should be light. Even I don’t agree that a good handset should be small. Some people need phone with big screen for video viewing or document viewing.

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