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5 Great Android Apps That Are Not Available for iPhones

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Android apps are found to have more of liberty than those of iOS. Most of the successful apps are launched simultaneously over iOS and Android, while some are introduced over Android alone due to the restrictions posed by Apple. A frequent android user is sure to discover a lot of new apps over the operating system and it can be recommended to friends as well. There are many specifications and features that don’t come along with the iPhone iOS apps while they do in the android version of it. These limitations are incurred by Apple, while Android being developer-friendly is due to the open source nature of the operating system. It allows android developers and the community to gain control over every aspect of the app they’ve created.

Apps That Are Exclusive for Android Operating System:

Listed below are five of the top Android apps that are not available on the iOS platform. These apps have great utility and incredible set of features and specifications.

• SwiftKey: SwiftKey is an advancement over Android’s default keyboard and makes it very much easy to type by swift gestures on the go. It has a feature set that allows users to set their own custom layouts and designs as per their likes. It supports upto 61 languages via its trace keyboard specifications. The SwiftKey app is also a learner and learns the user’s language and writing style to accurately predict upcoming words.

5 great android apps

• Buzz Launcher: The Buzz launcher is an extremely well-designed piece of app that offers a different feel of the OS for every user. The app is feature packed with several icons and home screen packs and can literally give an entirely new look to every android smartphone in the world from home screen keys to the app drawer icons as well. It allows downloading numerous skins and icon packs to change the looks of the smartphone and if that gets boring it even presents user customizable settings to allow users to create their own theme.
5 great android apps

• ES File Explorer: The File Explorer app basically establishes a PC out of a mobile device. The ES file explorer is a data managing app that allows managing files from moving to deleting them. It helps stop applications and programs not in use. It can also help maneuver data from the cloud to the smartphone i.e. downloading.
ES File Explorer

• Tasker: The Tasker application is an excellent choice to automate your smartphone operations as per your requirements. It can be customized to automate certain features such as playing music in the car when the smartphone is plugged in or even flaunting a beautiful display during sunrise. It is the perfect app to control your smartphone profile as well.
5 great android apps

• Link Bubble: The Link Bubble app loads links simultaneously while allowing the user to access the complete speed and efficiency of the browser. The links are to attach or share the media on the website over social media such as Facebook, twitter and more. Notification bubbles appear by the side of the display and notify a user when it is done loading the links in the background.
5 great android apps


These android apps are highly sophisticated to create, but provide an excellent yet simple set of features that change the overall functionality of the android device while adding to the looks of the smartphone as well. These astonishing feature-packed apps are only made available for Android operating system and not for iOS. The Android OS, being an open source one, gets the benefit of community development.

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