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Best iTunes Alternative Softwares to Manage iOS Devices

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In this article we are going to deal with the softwares that which synchronize your Apple devices with your PC, the best iTunes alternative. iTunes is the official synchronization software from Apple which have many limitations and boundaries, in-order to erase those limitations as well as boundaries which Apple Lovers desperately would expect from iTunes, we have created a Top list which were considered as best alternatives to iTunes.

Apple products were the most addictive and it created great heights by attracting people. But, still because of the restrictions that they fix for the synchronizing software iTunes, made people to search for best alternative for iTunes. These softwares were used to transfer, manage, and use the files in your Apple Devices like iPhone, iPods, iPads etc with PC.

So, if you are searching for best and free iTunes alternative softwares, here are 5 satisfactory alternatives to iTunes.

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5 Best Alternatives to iTunes

  1. SongBird
  2. Floola
  3. YamiPod
  4. Winamp
  5. Foobar 2000

Best iTunes Alternative Softwares

#1. SongBird

  • Songbird is the best synchronizing software for iPods as well as other Media Players. It is a Desktop Web Player, a digital Jukebox and also a Web Browser app built from Mozilla, cross-platform and open source.
  • Songbird is loaded with exciting features like it can play MP3/AAC/OGG/FLAC/WMA as well as other formats, Multi-Langual support, Smart Mixes, Integrated Web Search and many Add-ons.
  • This is available for Windows, Mac, Linux Operating Systems. It is considered as one of the best alternatives to iTunes. <Official Site>

songbird - Best Alternatives to iTunes

#2. Floola

  • Floola is the best synchronizing software for iPods as well as other Media Players. This is considered as one of the best iTunes Alternative that which allows you copy songs from iPod to your system.
  • This is available for Windows, Mac, Linux Operating Systems. It can be directly installed on your iPod and enables you to copy files, videos and Artwork to your iPod from PC. <Original Site>

Floola-iTunes alternative

#3. YamiPod

  • YamiPod is yet another attractive alternatives to iTunes, which does its job without installing on your PC.
  • This is a freeware application to effectively manage your iPod under Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux as well. You just need to copy it to your iPod’s HDD and then you are allowed to manage your files between iPod to PC. <Official Site>

yamipod - alternatives to itunes

#4. Winamp

  • Winamp the Old Fellow which is termed as Great Grand father of Current Media Players. It is considered as most eligible iTunes alternative.
  • Winamp is a fully loaded with exciting features as most of the people might be not aware of the fact that Winamp can sync their iPod. It helps you to manage your iPod, play music, you must install iPod plugin for Winamp if it didn’t work. <Official Site>

winamp - iTunes alternative

#5. Foobar 2000

  • Foobar 2000 is an ultimate digital music software that was designed for Windows users, allowing us to arrage sync operation between PC and iPod.
  • This software is compatible with SND, WMA, Ogg Valis, MP1-4, MPC, AAC, WAV, WavPack, AIFF, and AU, CDDA, FIAC/Ogs FLAC. It is freeware and is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to iTunes. <Official Site>

Foobar2000 - alternative to iTunes

Thus these 5 were considered as effective and reliable alternatives to  iTunes, but still there are few more alternatives like Banshee, Froddle Pod, Cog, CopyTrans Manager, Poddox which were free and suggestible re-placers of iTunes. But, frankly speaking, without iTunes it feels like we can’t do anything with our iPhone. Hope you enjoyed reading our article on Best iTunes alternative softwares.

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9 Comments to Best iTunes Alternative Softwares to Manage iOS Devices

  1. I’ve been using winamp for a long time and i certainly think it’s one of the best. I love listening to a song and having it auto-connect to show you information about the song, lyrics as well, it’s quite useful. 🙂

  2. I’m using Windows and iTunes is just way too slow and spits out tons of errors when accessing the podcast directory. I still think iTunes is the best way to find cool and interesting podcast but sad to say that Apple is not fixing these errors for Windows users like me.

  3. Sara Grosi

    I’d wish to own a music player not tired to iTunes or Amazon but syncs with any. Currently I use Panamp iPhone app. It has basic iOS music player features, and it is outstanding by it’s ability to make dynamic queues: quick mix of selected tracks
    and power search that quickly and efficiently find the artict, album and tracks. Most compatible with iTunes collection. And developers are planning to integrate iCloud in the fall (import tracks over both Wi-Fi and 3G)

  4. I like CopyTrans the best. The Free version is user friendly, and usually works very well. Sometimes it will crash on occasion, but you wont lose any data

  5. I think what’s missing on the list is a small free program called Copytrans Manager which could be a good contestant for an iTunes alternative. The place where it can be found:


    I have found that neither Songbird, nor Floola are compatible with iOS 5 which unfortunately renders these two useless when it comes to iPhone. I am currently using copytrans manager with my iPhone and so far am pleased.

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