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5 Clean and Safe Search Engines for Kids

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Google is the word that comes into mind when we turn our focus to Internet or Search Engines, its not only Google, other popular Search Engines like Bing, Yahoo Search etc comes. But, these are not the suggestible Search Engines in the case of kids, because they may contain inappropriate content that which may lead to miserable consequences.

These Search Engines were not as clean as they appear and are loaded with whole lots of Adult content, So this is going to be considered as a serious problem for parents in order to protect their kids from these kinds of odd stuff all over the web. Ofcourse there are many Parenting tools to keep tracking the activities of the kids over the web by blocking the restricted websites and many more.

But, the thing is Parents are not going to take chances on the peculiar cases like these. So, it would be really suggestible for the parents to use the alternative Search Engines that which provides clean and required information for kids by blocking the irrelevant and adult content and also the various safety tools that are provided Microsoft will help you a lot.

Safe browsing for kids

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We will check about the Safe Browsing tools in our future articles.
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Let us switch to 5 Safe and Suggestible Search Engines for Parents to restrict their kids to safe browsing.

#1. Study Search (with Google Safe Search)

  • Its one of the mostly used customizable Search Engine used at Australian schools and it is Google Powered.
  • This is developed by keeping the Primary and Secondary school students in mind. This is the safest Search Engine and best suggestible for Parents for make their kids use it.

Study Search

#2. Yahoo Kids (with Yahoo Safe Search)

  • Its another safe Search Engine that directs to the Yahoo Directory and its the most suggestible Search Engine for Kids.
  • Its one of the most attractive search engines that keeps you child to engage with it easily. Search is divided into 3 sections, Results in Yahoo! Kids Directory, Results in Yahoo! Kids and Results on Web.

Yahoo Kids

#3. Ask Kids (with Ask Safe Search)

  • Its the Seach Engine from Ask.com specially developed for Kids and it provides the results from Ask Directory.
  • It provides the 5 different categories like Movies, Videos, Schoolhouse, Games, and Images with entire clean and tidy results.

Ask Kids

#4. Kid Rex (Google Powered Search Engine for Kids)

  • Its another Google Seach powered Search Engine for kids with interface design developed with child crayon drawing. Its completely a kids Search Engine, for kids by kids.

Kid Rex

#5. Kids Click (Advanced Kids Search Engine)

  • Its one of the most advanced Internet filter Search Engine for Kids. Its loaded with 600+ strong subject list which is ultimate guide of schoolwork for kids.

Kids Click

These are the Best Search Engines that helps you to restrict you kids of safe browsing. Block Google or Yahoo or Bing Search Engines on your system and select one of these Search Engines as your default Search Engines.
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Stay Safe! Stay happy. Take Care.

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16 Comments to 5 Clean and Safe Search Engines for Kids

    • @TechNewsBlog Thnx a lot for your comment mate, will surely write another article about tools to restrict πŸ˜€

  1. Great. I am actually working on a book that guides parents on Safe Internet Experience for a kid. These search engines are good suggestions to add it in the list with credits to the author πŸ™‚


    • @Robin πŸ™‚ My pleasure that this article helped you πŸ˜€ and waiting for ur book to get finished soon πŸ˜‰

    • @Vinay hehehe, I wrote this to make parent aware of Non-adult stuff providing search engines to protect their child πŸ˜€

  2. You might also want to consider Infotopia.info . Infotopia is a student-friendly, safe search engine that accesses only trusted websites previously selected by librarians, teachers, and
    library/educational consortia. Β The Infotopia Safe Search Engine is a good
    Google alternative for students. Actually Infotopia is a Google CSE custom
    search engine, so you still get to use most of Google’s cool search
    features. Β But you get very little junk in the search results. Infotopia
    is programmed to always have Safe Search on.

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