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5 Best Ways to Boost Twitter Followers

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Twitter Followers
In this post we are going to deal with 5 Best ways to boost twitter followers. In Having an intimidating Twitter following can make you a pretty influential person in the 21st Century – just ask Lady Gaga.

The question is: how do you easily grow your fan base without spending every moment of your day permanently attached to your smart phone? Not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with that! Listed below are 5 simple steps to becoming part of the exclusive Twitterati; a digital celebrity. How to boost twitter followers to increase your business.

5 Best Ways to Boost Twitter Followers

#1. Tweet every day :

  • If you want people to get into the habit of checking your Twitter feed you need to get into the habit of tweeting every day pretty much without fail.
  • Naturally there might be a day here and there where you are simply too busy but that should really be a rarity if you want your Twitter following to grow.
  • The most-followed Tweeps who are not celebrities are those who tweet, on average, every few hours to update their followers on what is new with them.
  • Growing your Twitter following is a bit of a commitment.
Get Twitter Followers

Boost Twitter Followers

#2. Schedule tweets :

  • With easily accessible platforms such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck, tweeting on a regular basis shouldn’t be a burden as you can schedule in tweets when you have free time to make up for the times you are busy.
  • This is particularly useful if you’re promoting a website, business or blog as you can simply post your work and then schedule in tweets sharing your work or updates throughout the day (and night).
  • The fact that you can schedule tweets any time during the day or night means that you can schedule when you’re asleep.
  • This way your tweets will be hitting a usually-missed global audience who will see your scheduled tweets and more than likely follow you to find out more.
  • Once you are in a person’s follow list keeping them sweet is fairly easy.
  • It’s finding them in the first place and getting people to come to you that presents the real challenge.

#3. Find a tweet niche :

  • As entertaining as it may seem to you to post about what you had for brunch this isn’t necessarily of interest to the world.
  • The best way of using your Twitter feed to attract like-minded followers is to tweet around a niche interest.
  • Your passion might be for stamp collecting, film watching, sports and fitness or even pre-1914 poetry.
  • Whatever your passion is try and build your tweets around this topic.
  • If you have a blog, Tumblr or Flickr feed offer something (editorial, pictures, video) that people interested in that topic would be interested in seeing.
  • That way your followers won’t mind so much when you simply have to tell them about the amazing Tortilla you ate last week.

#4. Tweet someone new every day :

  • You’re not going to build a Twitter following if you don’t start making some connections.
  • It’s not all about people coming to you.
  • The best way of making new connections is to respond to things people say on Twitter.
  • The reason many people like Twitter is that it gives them an opportunity, a platform, to talk to the world and if they find out you’re really paying attention to them they’ll like you all the more for it and will start paying attention to you.
  • If you do this every day for a year not only are you likely to have 365 new followers that you’ve talked to but you’re also likely to have many other followers who have seen your ID name in the Twitter feeds of their friends.
twitter rockstar

Twitter Rockstar

#5. Use your face in your profile picture :

  • This is pretty controversial in terms of people who are cagey about security and you should certainly never reveal intimate details about yourself such as your address or full name on a forum like Twitter.
  • This said, showing your face on your profile picture inspires a lot of good faith from people.
  • It immediately suggests that you are approachable and unafraid to make contact which is definitely an attractive quality for potential Tweeps who want to make a connection and tweet about common interests.
  • It also suggests that you are someone who is happy to really engage with the Twitter experience rather than just use it for your own profitable means.

If you manage all of these simple steps you can sit back, relax and watch your Twitter following soar. Being popular isn’t such hard work after all, is it?

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  1. I am using the First and the Second Method for increasing my twitter followers and i am getting a good number of retweets for my posts after following some targeted followers and getting targeted followers.

  2. I find difficult to boost twitter followers. May be I have added lots of anonymous followers. I need to add only targeted followers

  3. I think i have most of these covered, but haven’t had a lot of success. I’m going to take your suggestion and tweet more often, and try to schedule my tweets to spread them out. One thing I’ve not found much info on is how to have a better shot of appearing in hashtag searches, any ideas?

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