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5+ Best places to Buy/Sell a Blog

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Previously one of my Friend sold his Blog in a website. Till then i didn’t even know that a there are certain website that are offering the facility to sell our blogs/websites.

After maintaining your blog for few years it will be really tough to sell it. Even I have experienced the same 4 months ago. But are you thinking what might be the reasons for selling a blog/website.

  • Due to lack of time I have finally decided to give up blogging. But my love towards blogging doesn’t allowed me to do that.
  • Many bloggers are utilizing blogging as their part time jobs. But you need to be patient in Blogging field. This may be another reason that you may be tired of working on it.
  • Another reason may be, if you have taken your blog to a peak and want to make lots of money on your work.
  • Simply the vice versa conditions are applied for buying a blog.

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There may be more reasons than mentioned above why a blogger wants to buy/sell a blog.

Here are the 5+ Best Places to buy/sell your Blog:

  1. Flippa
  2. Forums.DigitalPoint.com
  3. Bloggeries
  4. BuySellWebsite.com
  5. WebSite Broker.com
  6. SitesIndeed.com
  7. GeekVillage.comForums

These 7 Websites are proved to be most efficient for your Business. But now a days due to rapid raise in Social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut. These are also can be considered as few best places for Selling your Blog.
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  • Flippa : Buy and sell websites & find websites for sale in most active auction marketplace. It is proved to be the biggest market place for buying and selling your blog/website with a record off selling over $25 million websites since its launch.


  • Forums.DigitalPoint.com : One of the best Market place for buying or selling your blogs/websites, services, products, etc. This is the place for marketing job offers as well. Top Bloggers like Amith Agarwal is the active member of this Website. By which you can understand your blog will get great exposure for your blog with good price as well.

Digital Point Forums

  • Bloggeries : Bloggeries Blog Forum is a place for bloggers to discuss blogging. Also includes blogs for sale, free wordpress themes and blogging jobs. You may have to register before you can post.


  • BuySell Website.com : Sellers use our online marketplace to list their websites or domains for sale and to reach potential buyers. They will provide website appraisals.  The appraisal report includes website value, financial value, traffic value, and content value.

BuySell Website

  • WebSite Broker.com : Premiere Websites and Domains for sale. Attract serious buyers – Websites and Domains for sale. List your site and find potential buyers.  This is the website that is dedicated only for Buying and Selling Website/Blog/Domains.

Website Broker

  • Sites Indeed.com : Here you can sell a website for free for a full 90 days. All you have to do is to create a free account and start selling your websites right away. The website is the most search engine friendly, search engine optimized ad listing site on the net for selling start-up or established websites and internet businesses.


  • GeekVillage.com Forums : To list your website in the forums of the GeekVillage.com it costs you around 9.95$ per topic, you also should be the member in Good standing with the forum. This provides the Quality Discussions Forums for Webmasters and Merchants.

Geekvillage Forums

There are still lots more sources available for buying or selling your blog/websites like BizBuySell, DealaSite, Website Acquire.com, ebay, BuyBusiness and many more. But these above listed sites are proved for their performance.

Siddartha is a Blogger from India. He is currently working as a Java Front End developer and he loves writing about tutorials, technology, algorithm, etc. You can follow him on Twitter | Facebook | Google+. You can subscribe to GadgetCage RSS Feed or Email Notifications.

25 Comments to 5+ Best places to Buy/Sell a Blog

    • Siddartha

      Hey Lakhya, thnx a lot. Flippa is another best site you can buy/sell your works. By the way welcome to GadgetCage.

  1. Siddartha

    Hey Check out the Flippa and Forum.DigitalPOint which are proved to be the best in this business 🙂

    • Siddartha

      Haha even me too. But got the offer someone from Delhi asked me to sell it for 350$ 🙂

    • @Jack they will analyse your blog’s strength and then asks your preferred price and finally they fixes estimated price of your blog.

  2. I have 3 blog sites and I’ve heard that I can actually sell them and earn extra $..But, I don’t know how until I found your sites and found the information I need..Thanks! 🙂

  3. Nice post, Siddartha! I’ve been looking for a list of website like this to sell one of my blogs. This is a great list of buy and sell websites. Keep it up. Thank you.

  4. Its very difficult to sell the site, if you have maintained it for some years, but still due to some personal issue you have to take this harsh step, i also went through the same phase some months ago…

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