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The 5 Best Parental Control Apps That Every Parent Must Have

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It is shocking to see how easily kids these days can stumble upon on various kinds on inappropriate content. The latest versions of iOS and Android did offer a few app restriction features along with marketplace filtering, but it is just enough to tackle the bad content that is present out there. And this is exactly when the parental control apps come into the picture by letting parents filter the content, confine app purchase, monitor call, set time limits on internet activity with various other things. Hence, here is a list of the 5 best parental control apps.

#1. ShieldMyTeenShieldMyTeen

Parents wary of leaving teens unsupervised on the web can safely rely on ShieldMyTeen to keep their youngsters away from inappropriate content on Android devices. The parental control app uses a smart category-based blocking system to filter out content that can be detrimental to kids’ mental development and growth, like pornography, drugs, and violence for instance. It can even keep teens from wasting too much time on social media sites by allowing parents to restrict access to the latter.

#2. Mobile Guardian

5 best parental control apps

This app offers a very strong and powerful web dashboard with a wide stretched set of tools in order to monitor the kid’s phone activities. Mobile Guardian extends a Web content filtering system, a schedule system, contact management, apps blocking, and contact blocking along with a GPS tracking, so a parent always knows where his/her child is.

#3. Qustodio

5 best parental control apps

This is another full featured mobile and desktop monitoring service, which can be used by the parents to monitor their child’s device usage and online activity with various tools that can be unlocked with a premium subscription.

#4. Net Nanny

5 best parental control apps

Net Nanny offers an iOS and Android browser with parental control system, which can be used by parents to restrict their kid’s access to adult content. The Android version of app comes with an app manager, which allows parents to check installed apps, get notifications when any new app is installed on their kid’s device, and can also restrict any new app from running without parental approval.

#5. MamaBear

5 best parental control apps

It is a quite popular and all-in-one parental control app from mobiles, which let parents locate their child with the help of a smartphone, monitor their social media activity, and also let parents know when their kid is driving over the speed limit. The location tracking offered by this app also allows parents to know where their kid is along with alerts on his arrival or departure from school or home.

#6. My Mobile Watchdog [BONUS]

5 best parental control apps

This app extends a series of very strong parental control features to the user, which allows the parents to check their kid’s text messages, phone calls, internet activities, set web blocks, time blocks, and also parental control to app installation.

These are the 5 best apps for mobile parental control, which not only offers safe content to kids but also helps parents to monitor their kid’s day-to-day activities.

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