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5 Best Android Features that Apple iPhone doesn’t have

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It is a never ending debate between Android and iPhone fans, both tend to fight to prove their favorite brand’s supremacy. I personally like both of these devices, but again because of Android’s open flexible nature, the developers are moving more towards Android app development instead of iOS apps, despite of the fact that iStore is now officially loaded with over 6.5 million active applications and on the other hand, Google Play Store is having over 5 million active applications. It is regardless about number of applications that these leading Mobile OS stores are having, but it’s all about the efficiency, security, reliability and user interface.

Currently, Microsoft is busy in directing their path into Mobile OS stream and they are about to try their luck by joining hands with former mobile world leader Nokia. With serious hype going on about Nokia Lumia 920 + Windows 8 OS, we need to wait for few days to find out how the user world is going to receive their combination. Anyway, in this article we are going to check out 5 best features that Apple iPhone lacks.

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Let us check out the 5 best features of Android based mobiles posses, that Apple iPhone doesn’t have.

#1. Custom ROM (Read only memory)

custom rom
Custom ROM is nothing but your mobile phone’s Operating System. In case of iPhone, both the mobile and OS are developed by same organization (Apple), while in case of Android the OS and Mobiles doesn’t belongs to same organizations, the Android OS development is officially done by Google, while companies like Samsung, HTC, Motorola uses Android OS for their mobiles.

Each of these Mobiles will use different versions of operating systems, depends on their hardware requirements, but since Android is an open source OS , which allows the developers to tweak through it, allowing us to install the latest versions of Android. Like if you are having Samsung Galaxy Ace, you’ll get Froyo (2.2v) android version, but with this Custom ROM feature you can install ICS 4 on your device.

Using custom ROMs feature of Android, we’ll lay path to FM radio, Wi-Fi tethering, and other features that are not available on our official OS. Installing Custom ROM on our Android device will improve the performance of our device along with it, we’ll get access to new tweaks.

#2. Flash 

android flashApple iPhone and other Apple device’s like iPads, iPods, etc., doesn’t support Flash. You’ll find Flash everywhere else on the internet. If you are wondering where we’ll be using Flash on the web, just use Apple iPhone for couple of days and try to watch few videos, you’ll come to know about the fact that Flash exists everywhere you go around the web.

It is regardless whether it is a completely dedicated Flash based website or Flash videos or Flash games on web, you will be forced to adjust or restricted to use it by Apple iPhone, but if you are having an Android Device, you can just enjoy your day happily without any concerns. Android strongly supports Flash.

#3. Removable Storage and Battery

With your Apple iPhone, if you have maxed your storage you just don’t have any other option as you must search for unwanted files to free some storage space, while in case of most of Android Devices the extended microSD or other storage extension options are available.

The Storage and battery doesn’t have anything to talk about Android, but yes most of the devices other than Apple, bags this feature allowing us to kick the storage limitation. At the same time, you can carry an extended or spare battery along with your Android Devices for long trips for backup, while in case of Apple iPhone we don’t have that option.

#4. True App Integration

App Integration is one of the best benefits that Android holds ahead of Apple. Though Google Voice is available on iPhone, it doesn’t work as smoothly as it does on Android. Google Voice on Android integrates directly with the OS of the device, which directs every call that you make from Phone’s dialer from Google Voice.

It integrates Google Voice along with our Messaging system, Custom Phone and Voice mail which makes our life really easy.


#5. Alternate Keyboards

Android is loaded with many exciting options like Swiftkey (text predictors), Swype, and many other keyboard choices. Typing on the Mobile’s default keypad isn’t alway fun, but having other alternative options is always going to be good idea. iPhone also has other keyboards available, but in order to have them, you need to install separate applications to import the text to another program.

There are many other features that Android has while Apple iPhone lacks, but these 5 features are considered as major features that differentiates Android over Apple iPhone and Android fan boys can happily use these points while debating with Apple fan boys 😉

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  1. You are right, and I have owned both iPhone and Android phones. Let me tell you this: if you’re using JailBreak, you can do a lot of stuff with your iPhone. And the build quality (at least on iPhone 4) is really amazing, compared to some new phones.

  2. until will appear the perfect phone to satisfy everyone,we will buy the product that best matches our current needs with the good and the less good sides.

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