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5 Best Android Applications for Bloggers

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In this article, we are going to deal with Best Android Apps for Bloggers which helps them to blog from anywhere and any time with their Android Mobiles. Android is a Mobile Operating System from Google which ranked first among the Mobile OS with over 30% of usage by breaking the records of Symbian OS, Blackberry OS and iOS. In 2007-2009 it was Symbian OS which lead the race, but after evolution smartphones it was the time the Google’s Android started its race.

Android OS is based on Linux kernel. Its highly flexible as many developers were involved in desgining the applications that extend the functionality of devices. The current status tells us that there are over 70,000 Android applications that makes it one of the best mobile development  environment.

The smart phones with Android OS or iOS were capable of doing anything. These are considered to be the best Devices with maximum performance. Personally I Love iOS that which comes as a default OS for iPhone. But after having personal experience with Samsung Galaxy, I fell in love with Android OS.

Here are the Best Android Applications for Bloggers.

#1. AndroBlogger

Its a client that helps us to read, post comments as well to posting articles on the Blogs. It is powered only for Blogger Platform. Its a smart app that enables you to view the post before posting. Its a free applications and you can download it from Official Application Page.


#2. Shape Writer

Writing the blog post from Mobile is not a pleasant experience, though we are posting them from Smart Phones.
But, ShapeWriter will make our job to post the articles via Smartphone by providing the QWERTY keypad and also enables you to drag and drop the words like Google Instant results etc., that which acts as a time saver. Its a free application and you can download it from Official Application Page.


#3. WordPress for Android

This is the much needed applications for WordPress powered blog users. This application enables bloggers who can update their blog with which we can write articles, edit the content of our blog, manage comments and also monitor the blog status as well. Its a free application and you can download it from Official Application Page.


#4. Google Analytics for Android

Every Blogger knows the Importance of Google Analytics that which keeps on the track of statistics, Keyword Source, and every kind of analysis that a blogger would love to know about his site’s strature. Though it is not a free application, but its worth buying for sure as its considered as one of the must have Android Application for all. You can buy it from Official Application Page.


#5. EverNote

Its the samething like Windows sticky notes that makes us to remind the stuff around when we switch on our PC. You can write some idea within your Mobile and this application does everything. Its enables us to take text notes, snap pics, audio recording that which saves our idea and pop’s them up when we switch on our Mobile. Its a must have application for bloggers like Gajini. I think I desperately need this application. Its a free application and you can download it from Official Application Page.

evernote for android

Hope, you loved the list. If you have any more applications that are definitely useful for bloggers, do share your ideas by posting your valuable comments.

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  1. Awesome amazing list ! i have bought Samsung FIT android phone with great screen so working and infact blogging tools work well on it ! do lemme know if any more apps to install for bloggers on android OS.

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