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5 Exciting Benefits of Jailbreaking your iPhone

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iphone jailbreaking benefits
In this post, we are going to deal with 5 Exciting Benefits of Jailbreaking iPhone as you might be aware of the fact that why most of the iPhone Lovers are encouraging the iPhone Jailbreaking, though it’s not legal. Jailbreaking iPhone is like an Armageddon between Apple and the iPhone hackers, who constantly keep jailbreaking the iPhone as Apple keeps updating with anti jailbreaking firmware hoping that one fine day all the doors will be closed for hackers. Most of the officials condemn it, while there are certain benefits of jailbreaking iPhone.

However, here are the reasons why do hackers enjoy jailbreaking and what are the exciting benefits of jailbreaking?

Let us explore the opportunities that are wide open upon jailbreaking your iPhone and will tell you why you should jailbreak iPhone and the benefits of jailbreaking it!

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5 Benefits of Jailbreaking an iPhone

  1. Access to T-Mobile GSM network
  2. Fast and Easy
  3. FaceTime Video Chat over 3G
  4. Fully reversible
  5. Cool Jailbroken Apps
5 benefits of jailbreaking iPhone

5 Benefits of Jailbreaking iPhone

Benefits of Jailbreaking iPhone

#1. Access to T-Mobile GSM network

  • The biggest problem with iPhone is that they are tied up with T-Mobile until 2012, and many feel that with all the problems that AT&T is having with their network the amount of dropping calls in on a very high rate.
  • But jailbreaking gives the users access to the T-Mobile’s GSM network which unofficially also gives you access to use your phone while outside the country and you will be more than surprised to find your mobile working in a very robust area.
  • This is one of the most exciting benefits of jailbreaking iPhone.

#2. Fast and Easy

  • When you jailbreak your iPhone the best thing about jailbreaking is to start up the phone very quickly and easily, with no notifications or requirements to download the software onto your desktop or hunt for updates using web browsers by killing iTunes updates. This is yet another considerable benefits of jailbreaking iPhone.
  • The whole process of starting up the phone takes only five minutes unlike the time taken when the iPhone is not jailbroken when you work on a Wi-Fi.
  • However, the sad thing is that this accessibility may not last long as Apple is on the way of patching up this sooner.

#3. FaceTime Video Chat over 3G

  • FaceTime video chat is a facility that iPhone makes this available for their users to be accessible only via a Wi-Fi network. Jailbreaking the iPhone allows to access this facility over 3G network connectivity itself, which is an awesome advantage and an exciting opportunity telling you why not should you try jailbreaking the iPhone.
  • Even though the results are not as good as you expect unless you have a good signal or a walk out of Wi-Fi range, you will find yourself enjoying an uninterrupted service.
  • This is another exciting and important benefit of jailbreaking iPhone as it was the first thing I did after buying iPhone from the earnings of my goto-meeting promo code and goto-webinar promo code blog.

#4. Fully reversible

  • Fear not for jailbreaking that you can always revert to the normal state of the iPhone under the control of Apple and iTunes, that you can always give a trial for enjoying the experience and benefits of jailbreaking iPhone.
  • When you decide that you do not want jailbreaking and would wait patiently for the Apple to provide all the services that you can access via jailbreaking, then all you need to do is to connect the device to your computer, synchronize and press Restore to reboot the device to work with iTunes.
  • But this is dependent on the software that you intend to use.

#5. Cool Jailbroken Apps

  • The main reason for jailbreaking iPhone is to gain access to a whole range of applications that are considered illegitimate by Apple, as they are not still approved to be accessible via Apple’s store, some of the most popular applications being MyWi, Intelliscreen, MxTube, My3G and PDANet.
  • Enjoying apps is the best choice for everybody, and it is really one of the exciting benefits of jailbreaking iPhone.

Some benefits of Jailbreaking iPhone as well as few problems

Why and Why not to Jailbreak
Source : iPhonedeveloperlabs.com

Now do you want to know why you should not jailbreak iPhone and yea you will have great deal of benefits of jailbreaking your iPhone.?

Hope you enjoyed reading the article on 5 Exciting Benefits of Jailbreaking your iPhone and subscribe us for more information.

5 Comments to 5 Exciting Benefits of Jailbreaking your iPhone

    • Hello Aatif!

      Of course, but still there are certain benefits which you need to consider for jailbreaking.

      Glad this post helped you!

  1. I learned something new today. I thought jailbreaking is just hacking the phone to make it compatible to other networks. If warranty will void, I’m not sure if it’s worth the risk.

    • Hello Trine!

      Yet, you can enjoy exciting benefits mentioned in the articles. Excluding the Warranty issue, you can still enjoy the regular updates from Apple even after jailbreaking!

  2. I’m not so much worried about warranty. Apple products are built to last as far as my experience goes. The additional available apps convinced me to jailbreak my iPhone.

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