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5 Basic And Simple Ways To Build A Powerful Blog!

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Sometimes, you might think that is it possible to build a powerful blog which can make a difference to blogging world even after having so many blogs and such a tough competition around. Well, the answer is definitely Yes! It is still possible to make a powerful blog in a most competitive niche.

This is the question which bothers most of the newbie bloggers like me and somehow leads them to leave blogging gradually. In this post, I will be telling you and explaining those 5 simple ways which will make your blog a powerful one in the upcoming time.

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1. Write Great Articles

It does not matter how much you promote your blog, you can never rule out content from it. If you want to build a building, you will surely have to make the foundation so rigid. The foundation plays a very important role in any task you do and same goes for your blogging. You should also note that the type of readers you have on your blog can determine how powerful your blog will be so you should always write great content. If you write just any content then you should be prepared to get just any readers but if you write great, valuable content, you should be prepared to get great, valuable readers.

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Write Great Articles

2. Promote Your Articles

I wonder why blogger those who just don’t promote their articles to social networks dream and expect to become a popular blogger and get huge traffic to their blog. Don’t just write great articles, even promoting their articles plays a bit, I think the biggest role in your blog’s success. Always keep in mind that people are not waiting to read your post, you will have to attract them towards your blog and make them aware of your blog by promoting it.

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Promoting Articles

3. Engage With Your Readers

It is a very important thing to listen to what your readers has to say about your articles. May it be their positive or negative views, you must have to accept them and deal with them. Don’t write articles which just have nothing which can encourage your readers to leave their comments or share their views on it. If you know what your readers want you can then work on improving your blog to cater for their needs.
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Engage With Your Readers

4. Network With Other People

Social networking can make wonders for your blog as they have been doing for me. You got to understand the power of social networking has to offer these days and must work according to it. Engagement with your fellow bloggers is one of those thing to keep in mind and follow. There are so many ways to get in touch with fellow bloggers and some common interested people as well and this is a very powerful thing for your blog if you can achieve good relation with others.

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Network With Other People

5. Encourage Your Readers

As I have mentioned in the point No. 3 above, I will want to put more weight on that point and would surely like to let you be aware of how engagement helps. Engagement is not just about social networking, it also includes in the comments you get for your articles. You must try and reply to each and every comment you receive. If not more, you can at least say thanks to that commentator. You should try as much as possible to increase comments and retweets on your blog. You can do this by going to other blogs and re-tweeting and commenting on their blogs, the more you do this the more likely they will reciprocate.

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Encourage Your Readers

Make and build a powerful blog is quite a difficult task and surely not a task which you can complete overnight. You got to be consistent through out your work and keep working as much as you can. Try and follow the above written points and I am sure that you will notice a positive change.

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Well, now its time to engage with me as well. As usual, you are free to comment and share your views on these articles if you have liked it and I would love if you try to criticize it so that I write some more good articles but yes, your comment surely does motivate me so it would be great if you can help me keep myself motivated for blogging.

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A 21 year old blogger from India who writes at thecopypasteblog.com and loves to share knowledge about all kinds of technology. Follow on twitter @bankerrahul

16 Comments to 5 Basic And Simple Ways To Build A Powerful Blog!

  1. Siddartha

    @Iphone that what we tried to do, by including the related posts 😉 without mentioning in the post.

  2. Great tips Rahul.
    Engaging woth the readers is very important. It not only builds a good community, but also turns the readers into subscribers and maybe potential buyers in the future (buyer of ideas and products, both). I try to follow point number 5 a lot.

  3. Don’t forget about quality and uniqueness. Standing out of the crowd need little struggle. Make sure to share only unique information with your readers.

  4. Wonderful post buddy, but I have tried all of these tips and I failed to get enough readers to my blog. These days people don’t like reading. They just watch videos or just pretend to read. No serious readers. I don’t want traffic but I need readers. That’s all. Nice article, keeps your motivation going on and on. May Success be to you.

    • Siddartha

      @Nicko thnx a lot for your comment. Welcome to GadgetCage. All the bet for ur future 🙂 Happy Blogging

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