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5 Alternative Search Engines for Google

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Google is the most used and is the dominated Search Engine in the Globe.

Though Microsoft made an attempt to destroy its Domination with its revolutionary Bing Search Engine, it couldn’t make any kind of impact.

While another attempt made to destroy its dominance by another Search Engine called Wolfram Alpha, but the result is the same.

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But the thing is why still the Google? Why not the other?
Man kind always like to have some change in the life, but there will be certain things that mankind doesn’t accept the change. Google Search Engine comes to this category.
Even a 3 year kid who sits in-front of PC knows about Google Search Engine.
But in-order to just have some minimal change let us try the few Search Engines. I have Collected the 5 Alternative Search Engines for Google.

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#Clusty : Clusty offers clustered results for a selection of searches. Metasearch the whole web, or use tabs to search for news, gossip, jobs, images, blogs etc.

#Technorati : Real-time search for user-generated media (including weblogs) by tag or keyword. Also provides popularity indexes.

#Tune Find : TuneFind contains an index of music and songs appearing in popular television shows and movies. Find a song, or see where an artists music has been. It gives the search results of music, tv, movies, search, television, people, traffic, similar sites, social comment, description, social popularity and more.

#Clip Blast : World’s largest video search engine.Access video clips and millions of hours of video and TV from major media brands, YouTube, Blip, MetaCafe, shows, movies and many more.
#Files Tube : You can search for shared files from various file hosting sites like: Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile, Mediafire, 4shared, Netload.

#Health Line (Bonus) : Trusted health information, tools, news and doctor-reviewed resources for healthy living. Featuring the web’s leading health search engine

Siddartha is a Blogger from India. He is currently working as a Java Front End developer and he loves writing about tutorials, technology, algorithm, etc. You can follow him on Twitter | Facebook | Google+. You can subscribe to GadgetCage RSS Feed or Email Notifications.

32 Comments to 5 Alternative Search Engines for Google

  1. @Chetan Technorati has benn improving the performance of their Search Engine from past 2 years. They have made attempts to create an efficient algorithm, but were not on the success role. But recent update proved to be some improvement in its performance..

  2. @Tinh Not even Bing or Yahoo, Google's algorithm is such an efficient one, I think its the ultimate one, no one can create a better Search Engine than Google

  3. sudharsan @ technoskillonline

    Nice one..but files tube is not a search engine i think…

    But there are more 100+ google alternatives but google is the best

  4. @sudharsan Nope yaar, FilesTube is a simple search engine that helps us to find files at various sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload etc.

  5. don't much about technorati ……but it is important aspect of one's blog…..a good technorati rank can help really…..though i never use for searching….


  6. @Hitesh Yup Hitest everybody seems to think Technorati's top 100 will be benefited but everybody does posses the same,
    Technorati search is presently one of the best in the business…

  7. Antti Kokkonen

    @Siddartha I gotta second Chethan on this one, Technorati's service and quality is so low that I'm not recommending that to anyone until (if) they step up their game again.

    Interesting choices on the list nevertheless. Personally, I'm sticking with the one since I have not found a reason to drift away from the big G as I can find anything I need with it.

  8. Thanks, the article was very useful! I also use http://www.usemeplz.com to search files on rapidshare, think that is rather good searcher. Like it most because it’s design is very simple and there are no annoying spam banners on the site.

  9. Surprising to me, it’s funny how Office Supplies said: “I’ve never heard of these sites” Technorati is the Google of Blogs… do you know Technorati was indexing 112.8 million blogs? I agree you haven’t heard of these sites but for Technorati, please!

    • @Free TV Shows thnx a lot for your comment on GadgetCage. Hope you enjoyed the article. Yea every year over 81 thousand blogs were registered according to Technorati.

  10. Jason Wiggins

    Useful list…Google certainly rules the roost when it comes to search but sometimes you need to get to something very specific such as a Wiki article an eBook, a piece of software, a social networking post or recommendation, usenet article. In these circumstances Google is not always so great.

    I came across a website recently, http://www.search-thing.com that from a single page allows you to submit a search to a whole host of sources including the usual Google fare plus the very specific searches like those above. I found it pretty useful when researching something when Google doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

  11. There is another File Search Engine FindFiles.net which supports few thousand datatypes. Its results are categorized in a main category like: image, text, audio, archive, video, software, 3d, misc, geodata and chemical. Each of those categories contains subcategories by datatype like jpeg, gif or png for image or exe for software.

    One can directy download files or visit the page where that file has been found on.

  12. Google has been the most famous search engine for years and many have created sites similar to it.Some are better, some are not. But these other sites are doing their best in order for them to be on top and beat Google. Now that Google knows that there are many search engine sites that can be good alternatives, Google are probably doing something to defend their rank.

  13. Came across this search site recently and am really happy with the results. Offers a ‘cleaned up’ version of Google search, without all the porn and vibrator results that always creep into the regular results listing. Made it my default browser at home so that my kids have a bit of extra protection since Google Safe Search can be a bit of a joke

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