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4 Ways To Earn Good Sufficient Income by working Online

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Earn money online
MONEY is the essential part of man’s social life. This is the general and age old slogan we studied in our childhood. But the prominence and priority of money today need not be explained to any one. It has penetrated in to the depths of our lives. People who has ancestral money background need not find ways to earn but should invent ideas to develop it. Coming to ordinary people who has little or no backup should strive harder.

Earning money efficiently is not everybody’s game and they should not blamed. Some has LUCK Some has INVESTMENT Some has INTELLIGENCE and some doesn’t have all these. But to people who has strong desire and zeal to earn good residential income, having minimum computer knowledge and willing to invest some amount,  here are some of the tips and ways to get through and flourish their dreams.
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1) Selling Affiliate Products :

There are some companies who offers affiliate marketing. By joining as an affiliate in their company you can promote their products through your media and gaining commission for that from them. As many you market that much you can gain. There is no need to go out an do offline marketing. All you have to need a website to promote their products. Without website too can be managed with some conditions.

Selling Affiliate Products

You should note that not every affiliate program does this. Some pay you one time to do a specific task like performing a click, fill a form or sell a product. But many of them pay you monthly or termly depending on the program. For instance clickbank offers similar program that pay recurring commissions.

2) Join Network Marketing:

Another option is you can join Internet network marketing business company. Network marketing is an intelligent and simple concept where you have to form a network of people to make a certain thing. Here one person makes to join another one/two persons by selling them a product.

These persons should make another two persons to join under them and the chain continues. Actual process lies in getting commission. When a person joins other one under him he will get some money and if the joined person makes another couple under him the joined person along with the first person will get some commission.

Network marketing

As this process continues every one gets benefited.  Suppose if the last person stopped the chain, we have no fear of losing investment as we bought a product worth it and it lies with us. If he did not stop the chain we get time to time commissions along with the product. This business model is considered as one of the best business model where no one is subjected to loose. Because once you invested it will generate monthly residual income from time to time leaving your investment unaltered.

3) Start a Membership Site:

This method is a simple one to earn monthly income. Introduce a new idea and concept to your site and invite memberships. Maintain your site and fill it with attractive offers. Invent new ideas to promote and attract your site. This method needs little effort only at the initial stages and later on time to time little maintenance and modifications is enough. People who wish to opt this method need to be aware on making websites.

Membership Site

The membership you introduce may be monthly or quarterly or yearly. People having crazy and innovative ideas bag up much income. One man has started a membership site with information on contacting celebrities. With in a year he earned  more than $ 1 Million.

4) Build Websites And Blogs:

If you are qualified professional in making websites and blogs or if you are at intermediate level, you can design websites and blogs for many companies who pay you rich income for doing so. All you have to need is little bit of creativity and small amount of time to spare. Create your website first and keep there several layouts,designs, tools widgets and much more to get the attention of the customers.


There is perfect competition in this regard and you should take it seriously. There is chance of getting great development comparing to other techniques here. Make your site traffic optimal and lead it wise.
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  1. Earning money is quite easy if you know how to make money online. freelancing work, content writing, own services like blogspot to wordpress migration, seo optimization, custom theme design, PPC ad network

  2. Upto me the best way to make money online is by freelancing and blogging,, freelancing is bit difficult to start but it will make decent money daily,, 1 hour a day of blogging will earn decent money,,, i am now currently doing this two,,

    • Siddartha

      @Ashok Yup bro even We are following the same method 🙂 Thnx for your Comment. Welcome to GadgetCage. Stay tuned for more updates

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