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4 Gadgets That Are Either Totally Absurd or Extremely Genius

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Our lives are surrounded by cool gadgets. Be it a watch, phone or even a washing machine, everything these days is smart. Where there are some cool and extraordinary devices around us, there are some gadgets, which are hard to decide if they are sane or insane. And here is a list of 4 gadgets, which are up to you to decide if they are cool.

• Logbar Ring

4 gadgets totally absurd or genius

Logbar Rings allows you to gesture and point to operate your TV, turn off the lights or an app launching on your phone. This ring does give you a feeling of a wizard. But, the question that rises is how much you are willing to pay for this gesture control? The price tag that comes along with the device is $270 and for the price, it is pretty expensive.

• Belty

4 gadgets totally absurd or genius

What if you had a motorized belt, which could adjust itself as per your body when you sit or eat? Well, Emiota, a French company has made this possible for you as it can measure and also track your activities. The product is also incorporated with gyroscope and accelerometer, so a high price can certainly be expected. But, is this product a real necessity as even a regular belt could tell you when you seem to put on weight.

• Digitsole Smart Insoles

4 gadgets totally absurd or genius

How would you feel if you had a rechargeable insole, which can be used to track your steps and also heat your feet. You can link this device with the help of Bluetooth to your iOS and android device in order to adjust the temperature of your feet. The sole can also be used to measure your steps and also see how many calories you burned. For many people, this certainly is a great idea but with a tag of $200, we are not very sure.

• SleepIQ Kids Bed

4 gadgets totally absurd or genius

This is again a smart bed for your kid, which can monitor his sleep, offer a remote control light and also various alerts, when he decides to wake up. It can definitely be a great idea as any sleep-deprived adult can tell you how terrible the habit of depending on coffee is. The bed is also embedded with an under bed light, which turns on as they get up. The whole thing can be synced to an iOS app and will cost nearly $1000.

So, what’s your take on these gadgets? Are they genius or absurd? Share your views in the comments section below!

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