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4 Characteristics of Good Domain Name

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Good Domain Name
Domain names are nothing but the URLs you see when you load some sites/Blogs. Domain names are like the visiting cards for a Site/Blog. It is the first thing a new user will see through search engines or wherever the place they see it. If you are focusing to target a particular keyword the domain name you chose must have that in it. The best domain name can get you the best results.

This will help you to rank better in the search engines. Choosing a domain name is more important because it is going to come with you for years together as your name. There are few characteristics which a good domain name must have. Remember a good domain name will help you a lot in many ways. It may even get you free visitors! Here are few things that a domain name must have,

1. Go for a short domain

Well, people always want to keep things short. I have seen many who really find difficult to type a big domain name and they even avoid it because they are sluggish to type. Is there any characters limit? Well there are no written rules but I would suggest keeping it below 10 characters. Anything above 10 will be annoying. The four letter and five letter domains are really doing well these days.
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If you are focusing on a big keyword then break it into half and buy the domain name. This will also help you rank when you optimize it for the long keyword. Remember one thing, do not break the keyword and buy the domain name.

Domain choosing

2. Easy to spell

Make sure that it is easy to spell. This will also indirectly help you to remember the domain names easily and effectively. Do not buy a domain name like kjoghkiyut.com. lolz, this will only get you 0 visitors daily or probably in minus (Just joking). Avoid using some complex English words as you must also focus on countries which speak English as second language.


3. Have a .COM or .NET extension

It has been proved that .COM or .NET extension domains are really doing well in the Search Engine results that then other .info or other extensions. This will automatically create a brand and authority to your site/Blog.

If you are starting an organization then better go for .ORG domain. However I would suggest searching for .COM domain as many people type a domain name with .com extension in their address bar. So the choice is yours! A domain of .NET or any other extension may make you lose some visitors.


4. Avoid using hyphens or numbers

Do not use any hyphens or numbers in the domain name as it will reduce the brand of the site. People will generally forget to put the hyphens in between the word so they will move to other site. Number will confuse people as they are hard to remember. Some letters and numbers like “2” and “to” confuse people. So try avoiding those!

Want some suggestions for choosing a domain name? Want some words that you can use in your domain name? Read this article titled – Words You Can As Prefixes And Suffixes For Your Domain Name.

Hope you were able to select the perfect domain for your site! Well now its time to see whether it’s available. If yes, go and register it! Search for available domain names at Quick Domain Search. It’s really fast and will give you very quick results!
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Interested on having multiple domains?

Some providers offer multiple domain web hosting. Read more about it on WebHostGear.com

Hope you like the share!! Share your views with us!! We are really interested in knowing your views!

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14 Comments to 4 Characteristics of Good Domain Name

  1. There is another thing bloggers should check before they hurry buying a domain name :

    1. Are there any backlogs? Whether the domain is OK with Search engines or penalized in the past?

    2. Is the domain ok with Google Adsense and not banned earlier ? – this won’t be an issue but still a small check helps.

  2. The main thing is to have a domain name related to your blog’s topics. This really helps. In fact having a keyword or a related keyword on the primary domain gives a good seo boost.

  3. Nice post how to choose a domain name , Finding a great domain is really tough and i prefer to choose a domain that have a keyword in it and have 2 words only.

    I prefer godaddy and namecheap if you are looking to buy a new domain because they are the best domain provider and really cheap when you have coupon

    is it true that dot com is better in ranking position than dot info?

  4. Call me crazy, but I think the flickr domain is a bad one. They managed to successfully brand it, but I have always had trouble remembering exactly how to misspell the word “flicker.” I never find it on the first try. I think they are wildly successful in spite of a bad domain name, not because of it.

  5. I have chosen my new domain name two weeks ago which fulfills all the characteristics listed above except the keyword description on them because i want to brand my domain name by choosing a word not in the dictionary 😀 .

  6. A “How To..” headline grabs your prospect’s attention because it tells their brain they are about to learn something new that could benefit their lifestyle. The headline should get their attention and explain how to get their benefit faster, cheaper, easier, etc.

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