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4 Best Ultra Thin Laptops in 2011

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ultra thin laptops in 2011
In this article, we are going to deal with 4 Best Ultra Thin Laptops in 2011. Laptops are the Modern Day Computers that created the scope for moving PCs. The Portability of these Computers is considered as main element. After evolution of Tablet PCs, many geeks predicted that its going to be the end of Laptops because of few reasons like Tablets are more portable and have few built in special apps that Laptops doesn’t.

But still just 2 years after the launch of revolutionary Tablets, the Laptops still find their place in the market and are going really strong. Most of the Geeks love to buy the Ultra Thin Laptops instead of Dumb Fat guys. In this article, we are going to list of 4 Best Ultra Thin Laptops in 2011.

4 Best Ultra Thin Laptops in 2011

  1. Mac Book Air
  2. Sony Vaio X Series
  3. Toshiba Portege R835-P56X
  4. Samsung Series 9 NP900X3A (13-inch)

These are the 4 best Ultra Thin Laptops in 2011 which are proved to be efficient and are really portable reflects the fact that they are highly effective while travelling.

4 Best Ultra Thin Laptops in 2011

#1. Apple Macbook Air – The Best Ultra Thin Laptops 2011

  • The MacBook Air is an Ultra Thin Laptop that comes with optional storage.
  • The battery life and its portability are its benefits.
  • It even included the SD card slot with more USB ports and the more powerful processor loaded in it.
  • The Price Ranges between $1,129 – $1,199 which is definitely reasonable for such a slim and ultra thin Laptop design.
  • The Current version overcome the problems of the previous version. It is one of the best Ultra Thin Laptops in 2011.

macbook-air- ultra think laptops in 2011

#2. Sony Vaio X Series – The Latest Ultra Thin Laptops 2011

  • Sony Vaio X series is one of the most popular Laptop among the Ultra Thin Laptops in 2011 with Killer looks.
  • Every Gadget Lovers would like to own one of Ultra Thin Laptops like Macbook Air or Sony Vaio X Series.
  • It comes with Genuine Windows 7 OS that is pre-loaded and also powered latest intel core 380M processors(i3/i5/i7).
  • It is the stunning Ultra Thin Laptop PC in 2011 for sure and it definitely attracts women in particular.

vaio-x-series - Ultra Think laptops in 2011

#3. Toshiba Portege R835-P56X – The Solid Portable Laptop

  • Toshiba Portege R835-P56X is one of the best Ultra Thin Laptops in 2011 that gives excellent battery life.
  • It’s loaded with Inter Core i5 processor, sharp and elegant design and geeks consider it as best MacBook Pr 13-inch alternative.
  • But still it lags few essential features like Bluetooth and Mobile Broadband elements, but still it is capable of making its impact. Its one of the best ultra thin laptops in 2011.

toshiba-portege-r835-p56x - ultra thin laptop 2011

#4. Samsung Series 9 NP900X3A (13-inch) – The Top rated Ultra Thin Laptops in 2011

  • The Latest Samsung 9th Series NP900X3A 13-inch Laptop is one of the Top rated Ultra Thin Laptops in 2011 and it is one of the most powerful as well as ultra portable Laptop PC.
  • It is loaded with Core I5 processor, DDR3 RAM and also reliable SSD sotrage with pre-loaded Windows 7 OS.
  • Its performance comes closer to MacBook Air, but one thing that bothers you is the pirce which ranges between $1,300 – $1,600.

Samsung-Series-9-NP900X3A - Ultra Thin Laptops in 2011

Thus, these 4 are the Best Ultra Thin Laptops in 2011 that you should look after if you are planning to buy a slim and portable laptop.

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  1. Macbook absolutely steals my heart. I admit that perhaps it is not the best buy and that all that it offers can be bought cheaper, but I am a Mac fan and I will collect the money to buy it sooner or later. I always know what I’m buying when I buy Mac.

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