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3 Truths Every Blogger Must Know

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We are all blogging for various reasons, my reason for blogging is different from yours and your reason is different from mine.

Even though we are blogging with different intentions there are a lot of things we all have to know and this post will be revealing 3 thruths ever blogger must know (some you might already know, and some you might not!).


1. There is Nothing Called Overnight Success

One basic blogging truth you must know is that there is nothing like overnight success. Every successful blogger paid a price and the price they paid is patience on their part.

You shouldn’t start a blog thinking you will be rich immediately. Even though some few people have gotten results for their blogs at a faster rate it is very important to know that blogging requires a lot of effort and sacrifices on your part and you can’t just come into it and be rich.

Take your time, know that there is nothing called overnight success, double up your efforts on your blog and you will begin to get more results.

Over night Success

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2. Having a Successful Blog Does Not Mean You Will Make Money

This is a terrible mistake very common among new bloggers, some of them will say they don’t need to monetize from start and that once their blog is successful they will be able to make money. Because you have a lot of traffic and a great community does not mean you will make money from your blog, you need to be very smart and strategic to make money from your blog.
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Traffic on its own is not money, it is how you monetize that traffic that matters. Don’t just expect money to come because you have traffic but rather focus on some strategic ways to monetize your blog.

Making money via blogging

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3. Having a Successful Blog is Not Where it Ends

A huge mistake many bloggers make is in their thoughts, they think all they need to do is have a successful blog and all is over, this is far from the truth! Having a successful blog is only part of the game and you have to be careful long after you are successful, you have to be wise so that you can always sustain your traffic.

There are many bloggers who built up a great audience and later could no longer sustain it, don’t try to fall into this pitfall but rather face the truth. Know that having a successful blog is only part of the game and you will be able to get some better results.

Never stop when u reached a stage

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We all read about blogging and making money online, you might have heard the above truths before and you might have not. Read them carefully and face the reality!
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14 Comments to 3 Truths Every Blogger Must Know

  1. Ultimately it down to uniqueness and creativity…. No one remembers the normal ones… People notice only when something different is offered. Infact this is the difference between ipad and other tablets.

  2. The first advice is probably the most important secret behind all successful people. Just recently I was reading “The Dip” by Seth Godin, which is a whole book that expands the concept of “There’s no such thing as overnight success”. Although the book specifies that there are actually 3 ways thing can go on a way to success – you can hit a cul-de-sac, which means that no matter how much you persist – you still find yourself not moving towards the target; the cliff – you become overnight failure at some point; and the dip – the resistance on the way to success. So it’s not only persistence – it’s also making sure that you’re moving in the right direction and your efforts are gaining you some kind of traction.

  3. @Debajyoti Exactly! Being unique is absolutely important and effective.

    @Slava So true! Many people start blogging with the hope of making a fortune overnight, the reality is that many of then won’t ever make a fortune blogging because they would have quited long before they become something…when their hope has being dashed.

    @Jojo That’s great Jojo and I’m glad this postr could be of help.

    @Praveen Cool, I’m glad you loved this post!

    Thanks everybody for commenting,

  4. 2 Best tips for every blogger out there! May a famous blogger or a starter, they should keep these 3 things in mind. Be a “down to earth” kinda blogger 🙂

    Nice article 🙂

  5. Fantastic post Oni. Just by having a successful blog you wont make money online. You need to be smarter and you need to know the tricks to make money online even if your blog doesn’t succeed.

  6. Well cool post there.
    Agree with all your points, especially the first one.
    Its true that you cannot have success overnight and you need to build up day by day.

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