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3 Reasons You Should Downgrade iOS of Your iPhone 3G

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This article deals with Jaw Dropping reasons why you need to Downgrade iOS from 4 to 3 for your iPhone 3G. iPhone 3G was a real leap forward from iPhone 2G, every user wants to sport the latest OS on their phones, so it’s the case with iPhone 3G owners and enthusiasts who have loaded their iPhone 3G s with iOS 4.3. By just think what might be the reasons to Downgrade iOS latest version to previous version.


I will give you 3 reasons why you should downgrade it back to iOS3 for your own good.a

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3 Reasons to Downgrade iOS 4 to iOS 3 of your iPhone 3G

  1. As Fast As Turtle
  2. Keep 2 Batteries and 2 Chargers
  3. Optimum Utilization of Resources

Downgrade iOS 4 to 3 for your iPhone 3G.

1. As Fast as Turtle

iPhone 3G worked quite well on iPhone OS 3. It had a reasonable processing speed, tap the screen and the operation takes place right away, in iOS 4.3 loaded in iPhone 3G, a dozen apps loaded would make your phone as slow or rather as fast as a turtle. It would work and process slow, it would frustrate you. Thus, I recommend you to Downgrade iOS 4 to iOS 3 to increase your iPhone performance.

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#2. Keep Two Batteries and Two chargers

I had read Mark Zuckerberg saying once, He is using iPhone and has bought 4 chargers, I’m not sure whether that you a joke or was he serious but in the case of iPhone 3G and iOS 4.x, I’m afraid you would have to charge your phone 4 times a day, if you want to operate it with open hands. This issue has been encountered by me, it rather made me furious at times, because you don’t carry a charger and a power output on the go. So, this is yet another reason that appeal your to Downgrade iOS of iPhone 3G.

3. Optimum Utilization of Resources

That’s right, iOS 4.3 makes use of maximum hardware resources present in iPhone 3G, this might cause the iPhone hardware to malfunction due to excess load, which it can sustain and bear for sometime, but can lays off arms in the long run. This is the next reason for you to Downgrade iOS of your iPhone 3G.

So, Central Idea is just like me you should downgrade iOS 4 to iOS 3 for your iPhone 3G.

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2 Comments to 3 Reasons You Should Downgrade iOS of Your iPhone 3G

  1. may hbe downgrading the os will improve the perfomance of ur phone….but i dont think so many people will do it……………..anyways thanks for the share………!!!!

  2. i have also tested iPhone 4 battery life the phone consumes the battery a lot when we use wi-fi or other 3g services. i hope they can increase battery efficiency for their upcoming iO5 devices like iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

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