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3 Questions to ask before deciding on a social media strategy

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Guest article by Mr.Aditya Kane from Devilsworkshop. This is a gift for all our readers on account of our 3rd anniversary celebrations.

Social Media does add a lot to a blog’s visibility and I concede that after good content and SEO a blog’s social media strategy is a priority. I have read many posts online about how to use social media websites and services to the advantage of your blog. Most such advice is usually very generic and based on tips and tricks.

I am a blogger and I also have a strategy regarding how to use social media. But here are three questions I ask myself every time I decide on what my social media strategy would be.

  1. Am I abusing or using a service?
  2. Am I sharing what I truly think people want to read?
  3. Am I spamming?

#1. Am I abusing or using a service?

Social Media should not be abused. In my opinion Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon and Facebook was not created for bloggers. It was created to interact and share things which are truly interesting. So I do not like auto sharing. Especially of content which you do not have complete control over.

This is why I do not really follow any Twitter accounts which tweet more than 15 tweets a day. This is because I do not cross those limits either.
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I rather have you read my post than just retweet it and we all know that most people who retweet a post within seconds have not really read or even opened the link they are endorsing.


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#2. Am I sharing what I truly think people want to read?

This rule I borrowed from blogging. When I write a post I ask myself if I am writing something that people truly are interested in reading? I also ask myself the same questions before I share a link on Facebook or Retweet something. I get even more picky when it comes to bookmarking something on Digg, Stumble Upon or Delicious.

#3. Am I spamming?

A few months ago I had by blog’s feed posting on my Facebook Wall. I would repeat my Tweets and make sure some select ones were repeated. I felt like I was spamming and stopped these tactics. You might ask why? Well because I do not like spammers and felt it was a little lame to be a spammer yourself.

I do not think that if you follow these rules or strategies Ive discussed, your blog will have a lot of traffic immediately. But these rules mean I spend less time sharing and tweeting things and more time actually writing the content.
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That I think matters most.

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6 Comments to 3 Questions to ask before deciding on a social media strategy

  1. Awesome post. As an SEO expert i sometimes myself ask the same questions. The big quesiton is “am i spamming”. Sites like digg and reddit bane people for spamming. So people do have to be careful

  2. @Shaquille: thanks for appreciating the post, but before thinking of a ban from site we should think of how uncomfortable it is for people whose timelines and accounts are spammed.

  3. Sorry for the late reply.

    @Venu Madhav: I don’t think there is any need for spamming. Many examples of non-spammer newcomers who have grown. Be relevant and interactive for best results.

    @Sourishnath: Personally I do not like keywords being used for commenting name. This will hardly catch attention IMHO. If you like certain blogs, comment on them regularly. Make your comments helpful or analytical and it might attract visits and also respect. 😉

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