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2 Desktop proxy Softwares to Unblock Any Website

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This is a guest post by Harsh Agrawal who blogs at CallingAllGeeks. If you would like to write for GadgetCage, check our guest poster guidelines.

I hate internet censorship as much as you do. Proxy websites are certainly not the best way to unblock websites as in colleges, corporate office Network admin usually uses a Hardware firewall which keep updating itself  with the latest proxy sites and block them. This way, most of the time you are not able to access your favorite social networking websites in your work place.

Here I’m sharing about two easy to use desktop proxy software which anyone can use  and access all blocked site. I tried this software’s in my college and in the office and it worked without any problem. Most important it’s not a proxy site but uses the proxy server and your internet will be routed via this proxy server. Despite of this desktop proxy software being safe, I suggest you not to use this softwares for your banking or accessing other critical sites, as proxy sites and Proxy software’s are not really trustable.




First in the list of Ultrasurf which is a light weight proxy software and can be easily configured with any browser. The best thing which I liked about this software is it’s blazing fast. Unlike many software’s which have max cap, this one is cap free and you can use it to browse internet or you can also use it to download torrents.  You can download UltraSurf from here and if you are new to this software, read my guide on How to use Ultrasurf to unblock blocked sites.

Once you have downloaded Ultra-surf and open it, it will connect to Ultra surf proxy servers without required of any setting. If your internet connection requires you to connect to pre-defined proxy server to connect to Internet, you can quickly do the same by going to settings of Ultra surf. Once ultra-surf get connected to internet, it will automatically open Internet explorer and you can start browsing sites anonymously.

Your Freedom:



You might have heard many other popular software’s like Jap but Your-freedom is one of those proxy softwares which work in most of the case but it’s not completely free. It comes with a max download speed of 8Kbps for free version. Though they have an option for paid one too, but I believe free one is good enough to meet your daily need. I also used this software to download torrents and it worked but the speed is too slow. Though this is not a light weight software and you need to download the executable file which is around 12 Mb. You can download Your-freedom from here. Configuring Your-freedom is not as easy as Ultra surf but it’s step by step installation guide will help you to get started without any hassle. One advantage of Your-freedom over any other proxy software is you can Socks 4/5 to configure your clients to connect to Internet.

I personally advocate Ultra-surf but in some cases, Your-freedom is more handy software. Do let us know which proxy software do you use to access blocked sites?

Harsh Agrawal is a young Entrepreneur and Professional Blogger from New Delhi, India. If you like this post, you can follow us on Twitter. Subscribe to GadgetCage Feeds via RSS or Email to get instant updates.

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  1. Thanks Harsh Agrawal for informing these useful software, I will surely try these as Facebook and some other sites are blocked in my college. And I have seen that most of the proxy sites are not effective while using Facebook because it detects the area and it blocks the proxy too…Thanks for sharing

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