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16 Proven Tips to Get More Facebook Fans

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Getting Facebook fan pages plays an important role to let our business grow and drive more traffic to our websites. It helps us to keep a long relationship with our clients and easily let them know our offers and updates. Here are 16 simple but powerful tips to Get Facebook Fans for the Fan Page of your business.


#1. Create an attractive picture for your fan page. Unlike in groups,you are able to add a big picture with a maximum resolution of 200(width) and 800(height) pixels respectively.

#2. Get a vanity URL for your fan page. You are able to get a vanity URL if you have a minimum number of 25 fans in your fan page.

#3. Update quality posts regularly in your fan page.

#4. Create a custom landing page for your fan page. Show different content for your fans and non-fans.

#5. Promote your fan page in your blog by adding your fan page widget exactly at the end of the blog posts. This will give more visibility to your fan page rather than adding the widget at footer or at the right column of your blog.

#6. Invite your friends to join your fan page and ask them to invite their friends(friend’s of friends) to your fan page.

#7. Send an update to your fans once a week letting them know new offers and important news about your fan page.

#8. Run a contest in your blog to giveaway cool prizes. Ask the participants to join your fan page and invite their friends as an important rule.

#9. Honour your active facebook fans featuring them in your fan page(in a Custom tab) as Fan of the month. (FOTM)

#10. Offer free vouchers and discount coupons in your fan page.

#11. Interact with your fans in your fan page by replying to their comments made on your fan page.

#12. Promote your fan page link in the e-mail signatures.

#13. Send an automated message to your new twitter followers inviting them to join your fan page.

#14. Invite your facebook group members to join your fan page by sending a bulk message to them.

15.Synchronize your fan page with your twitter profile. Whenever you post a new link in fan page, your twitter status will get automatically updated with a link pointing back to your fan page.

#16. Last but not least, promote your fan page with social ads.

So,what are the important points that i missed in this post ?

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29 Comments to 16 Proven Tips to Get More Facebook Fans

  1. Excellent tips Hirfan. I have recently made a fan page, and most of the fans I got are from my blog. I will have to interact more with my readers on my fan page. And the idea of a contest is great.

  2. Cool nice trick. I had seen this practically with techit.in facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/TechItFB .The author kalpesh mistry ran a huge contest about inviting friends to join techit.in facebook fanpage the user who invites the maximum wins the contest and the result was good enough 1000+ fans in 5-6 days it also helped him in getting good amount traffic! this helps most in initial days of starting new blog.

  3. Great points Hirfan! Only recently I started both invite my friend on my fan page and get a vanity URL. I never throught to invite my facebook group members to join my fan page, is a great point and surely I will do it withing the week.

  4. I think i have to made some changes for my facebook page to interact with my readers,Thanking you for a well write up…

  5. Simple but Powerful tag suits well. These kind of practices would definitely help to get more engaging Facebook fans. Thanks for sharing, have to stop being lazy and follow most of them.

  6. Cool 🙂 Instead of doing all of this, we can use twiendswhich is really awesome. i got 1000 fans in just 1 week. 😀 This tips are really useful, but it is a time taking process. i have found that way of getting facebook fans in easy manner.

  7. These are great suggestions, i’ve personally found running contests or giving something resourceful for free whilst promoting my page on my blog has helped. thanks.

  8. All the points which you have mentioned are really good. I like the concept of running various contests most. As, in order to keep your fans attracted on a daily basis, you really need to involve them as much as you can.

  9. Yeah, these are good tips – very applicable and realistic. I liked articles like this one. Also joining to communities related to niche would help attracting fans with the same interest.

    Thank you for the share, truly social media optimization is powering up. Best SMO in traffic generation.

  10. I SO need this, i’m so low on fans that i get depressed every morning when i turn on the PC and log in on Facebook.
    I’ll start with a custom landing page and see where that takes me. Thanks.

  11. I used to have a “build it and they will come” approach to Facebook, but i can see how acting smart about it can improve the number of fans you get. Quality posts, definitely what I’m looking for on Facebook!

  12. Hirfan, there’s some really great tips here. I’d just add that I think that Tip#10 is absolutely crucial, and that information on specific companies who provide similar “promotion-builder” services would be appreciated. http://www.fanminder.com offers a free solution for those who’d like to display offers/promotions on their fan pages. A post on any other sites that offer similar “promotion-builder” services would be much appreciated!

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