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10 Search Engines Powered with Instant Search

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Instant Search Engines are the latest trend setters which provides the Search Results in a flash. It was Google who officially introduced the Instant Search Engine. Many Myths and Debates were going around the Web that Instant is the feature already encrypted with Bing Search Engine and few support that Google is the First Instant Search engine and many more were going around.

And few more experts explain that because of Google Instant, SEO may get effected, and I got through few more articles over web, that over 500+ powerful keywords were now about to face the recession period because of Google Instant, and many more problems were appearing all over the web.

But, these are all complicated stuff that were left for Website Owners or SEO experts. Simply in general terms a Instant Search Engine is a tool that which displays the Search Results in a flash by saving our time.

With the inspiration of Google Instant Search Engine many other Search Engine providers have developed and launched their Instant Powered Search Engines.

Here is My List of 10 Instant Powered Search Engines

#1. Google Instant

The First Official Instant Search Engine which attracted the whole world with its Flash Search Result answering strategy.  Google Instant is the mainframe that which started this Instant Search Engine Business. You can view more about Google Instant here.


#2. Youtube Instant

It was unofficially turned official Instant Search Engine tool for Youtube. This is Developed by a Student named Feross from Stanford University. The entire story about Youtube Instant is here.

youtube instant

#3. WikiInstant

Its yet another Instant Powered Search Engine. Wikipedia, which is considered to be the best place for education via online.
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But searching directly at Wikipedia is not a great experience. This WikiInstant will helps you to search queries simply and instantly.

#4. Instant Google Image Search

Now Google Image Search is also powered with Instant Search. So you can enjoy the ultimate instant reply from the Search Engines that which enables you by displaying the Image results even before you complete your search query. You can use this Instant Powered Google Image Search Engine Here.


#5. Google Maps Instant

Just after the evolution of Youtube Instant, the Google Maps Instant is evolved. Its developed by Michael Hart and he developed this application in less than 4 hours. You can use this Google Maps Instant Search here .


#6. Flickr Instant

After Whole lots of Instant Powered Search Engine Developments with Google, its regardless whether they are official or unofficial. But now, Its the turn of Yahoo. Who have finally Launched the Instant Search Engine for its most powerful Flickr site. You can use this Flickr Instant Search Engine here.

#7. App Store and iTunes Instant

The instant is now, switched to Apple Products too. Apple’s iStore and iTunes were now powered with Instant Search Results. You can use the iStore Instant Search here and iTunes Instant Search here.

iTunes Instant

#8. Windows Live Search Instant

Not only Google, Yahoo, Apple its the Microsoft’s turn to develop their Bing with Instant powered Search Results. Now Windows Live Search is also Instant Powered Search Engine display the results with ultra lightning speed. You can use Instant Windows Live Search here.

bing instant search engine

#9. Gmail, Facebook and Twitter Instant

Now, enjoy the power of Instant at Famous Social Networking Sites Facebook and Twitter as well as Gmail. Facebook and Twitter Search Tools were faster and enjoy the Power of Instant Search with Facebook and Twitter. You can use Gmail Instant Search hereFacebook Instant Search here and Twitter Instant Search here.

#10. User Choice. I have noticed many Instant Search Engines like Instant Domain Name Searches and many more.

Hope you liked it and share your views about other Instant Search Engines available all over the web by posting your valuable comments.

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