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10 Must Follow Blogs for Ultimate Blogging Tips

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Over past few days, I focussed mainly on SEO, Social Media and Blogging Tips. As we see many Bloggers were evolving these days, but very few were successful. They were successful only because of their dedication and unique approach.

I strongly believe that blogging is a field that is not an easy task. It require 3 P’s in-order to get success are

  1. Patience
  2. Passion
  3. Perfection

Including these, we require Time Management, Zeal to know and share new things, Unique approach, Presentation Skills, Writing Skills, Marketing Skills, and few more important things makes us a Perfect Blogger. These are the few strategies that which creates a line between the Successful Blogger and Ordinary Blogger.


I personally Believe that “A Teacher is a person who teaches his students, but a Blogger is a person who is the teacher for world (self quote)”

Because of my love towards blogging and in-order to shape myself to become a Successful blogger, I have started following few Blogs that which provides us the best Blogging tips. So I’m going to share the List of Blogs that you must follow for Blogging tips.

#1. ProBlogger – Darren Rowse

  1. Pro Blogger is probably the most famous blog and Darren is a biggest Celebrity in the Blogging junction, who is a Blogging Giant and no one will forget about his contribution for the Blogging World.
  2. Pro Blogger is a blog that is the best place for you to have best tips regarding Blogging, Time Management, and Marketing. With over 5000+ posts and 130K Happy Subscribers, Pro Blogger is the one of the Must follow blog for the blogger to keep their eye on.
  3. Darren’s tips were the Golden steps for your Blogging Success. His Book 31 days to Build a Better Blog is such a popular these days which shows you the crazy following for Darren.

#2. Copy Blogger – Brain Clark

  1. Best blog that gives you the exciting copywriting tips for Online marketing success. With over 120K subscribers, you will find almost everything regarding the Marketing tips for your blog, Tips for driving Huge traffic and many more. After all its the blog that every blogger dreams about.
  2. It gives you the best tips regarding your Blogging presentation too.

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#3. Blogussion – Alex

  1. Its, one of the biggest Blogging Community where many Bloggers share their views and experience regarding the Blogging. This blog gives you the entire information that a blogger searches for like Blogging Tips, Designing, SEO Tips, Social Media Tips and Marketing tips for blogs.

#4. Famous Bloggers – Hesham Zebida

  1. This is one of the Most Famous blog that probably every blogger might have come across. Hesham’s sure shot points and his awareness regarding the marketing strategy, which made him one of the Top Blogger in the Industry.
  2. Its a blog for all. It mainly focuses on How-to start a blog, How-to setup a blog, writing articles tips, Blogging Tips, Designing Tips, Making Money and many more.

#5. Blog Go Down – Gautham Hans

  1. Its one of the best place for every blogger, which teaches you How to Make a Blog from Scratch and this blog mainly focuses on Giving the best quality tips and information regarding Blogging, Social Media, Marketing and Design.
  2. This is one of the best Upcoming blog that provides the best blogging tips, I have noticed over past few months.

#6. Daily Blogging Tips – Daniel Scocco

  1. One of the best blog that provides excellent advices for bloggers. A must follow blog for each and every blogger. It focuses on Blogging Terms closely by explaining them. I believe its a Blogging Wikipedia.
  2. It mainly focuses on Blogging Tips, SEO tips, Advices, Marketing, writing tips and many more.

#7. Shout Me Loud – Harsh Agarwal

  1. I think its one of my favorite blog. You will find everything in this blog regarding Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Social Media and its a Blogging Directory which gives you the entire coverage.
  2. You will know what is happening around the blogging world if you follow Shout Me Loud. Such an amazing blog which provides information on Blogging Tips, SEO, WordPress and many more.

#8. Young Pre Pro – Onibalusi

  1. I recently came across this blog, and with in span of few days Im one of the biggest fan for this blog. You will find Onibalusi, every where over there web, his presence with Guest Posts over many blogs makes you feel that.
  2. This blog mainly focuses on Blogging Tips for driving huge traffic, Marketing and also it teaches you how to blog.

#9. SEO Smarty – Ann Smarty

  1. Its a blog that mainly focus on SEO tips, Marketting and Blogging tips. Ann is a great and intelligent marketer, who is also the author of myBlogGuest, a guest blogging forum where many bloggers will discuss about guest blogging.

#10. Top Ten Blog Tips – Ben Barden

  1. Its just another blog that provides you the best blogging tips in different style. As the name itself tell you about this, it provides you with the “Lists of Blogging Tips”.
  2. It also focuses on “Marketing tips”, “SEO Tips”, “Social Media Tips” and many more. Mind you you will find every post in the form of List in this blog.

Did I miss anything?

Do let me know with your comments and share your view about the list.
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Siddartha is a Blogger from India. He is currently working as a Java Front End developer and he loves writing about tutorials, technology, algorithm, etc. You can follow him on Twitter | Facebook | Google+. You can subscribe to GadgetCage RSS Feed or Email Notifications.

35 Comments to 10 Must Follow Blogs for Ultimate Blogging Tips

  1. Excellent compilation, i agree your hardwork to prepare this list because these bloggers are really changing the world by their regular activities…

  2. Nice list. And I never learned anything from my teachers really! lol but I have learned a lot from bloggers. Though I do not compare them both due to different factors involved.

    Appreciate the list though 🙂

  3. Nice and really informative. Well, you have listed some of the top blogs in this blogosphere. No doubt. Thanks a bunch for sharing. Keep writing..

    • @Paul thnx a lot for your Comment. All the Bloggers listed over here were extremely great in their fields and are successful too 😀

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing this fantastic compilation of blogs Siddartha!

    I’m familiar with most of these as well as a few more and follow them (and interact with a few) on a regular basis. There’s so much to learn from them indeed. I’m checking out Blog Go Down, Shout Me Loud and Top Ten Blog Tips right now and bookmarking them.


    • @Ingrid Hey Thnx a lot, Glad you liked it. First of all Welcome to GadgetCage. And also I forgot to mention one more blog there! Its my blog(GadgetCage) 😛 Stay tuned for more updates

  5. Blogging for money about uniqueness. Therefore, even as you read other people’s blogs in order to increase your knowledge base, make sure you resist the urge to copy paste their material on your blog. Work towards being original by writing each of your posts in different style. Attract every topic in unique way look for ignored aspects of same topic & write about them.

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